Exclusive: An Interview With Country Artist Ty Baynton

Lead Photo: Mike Highfield

Country artist Ty Baynton has performed at major country music festivals including Boots and Hearts, Manitoulin Country Fest and several RAM Rodeos. He’s had the opportunity to share the stage with country superstars Blake Shelton, Chad Brownlee, Gord Bamford, High Valley, Hunter Hayes and Tim Hicks.

Now Baynton is releasing new music, his first single “I’ll Never Know“, was produced by JUNO Award nominee Nathan Ferraro, JUNO Award winner Jason Dufour and co-written by Cold Creek County‘s Jordan Honsinger.


Baynton and Honsinger have been friends for years, so it was a natural progression for them to write together. “We try to get together whenever we can to write. I mean it’s more just hanging out with a good friend and catching up, but sometimes this turns into writing songs.” One of these hangout sessions saw them co-write Baynton’s new single, which sonically was inspired by Tom Petty.

Musically, that song reminds me of Tom Petty. I’m not talking about the lyrics and meaning, but the sound. When we were in the studio, I realized that if you turned everything off except for the drums and the acoustic guitar, it sounded like a Tom Petty song. Every time I hear it, that’s what it reminds me of, and that’s one of the reasons I like it so much, because I’m a pretty big Tom Petty fan.


Baynton says growing up he was influenced by a bunch of genres, “My grandmother is one of those people who always has to have the radio and the TV going at the same time, and she always had 820 CHAM on, so I kind of grew up listening to country music there, and anytime my dad and I were in the car he had the classic rock stations on. So that’s where your Tom Petty and all that comes from, but then of course I grew up in the 90’s so I had Oasis and Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows, all that stuff. I find my music is kind of a mix between those genres. You get a little bit of 90’s rock, a little bit of classic rock and then if you throw my voice on anything, it’s going to sound country.

That country sound is something Baynton has been working on for years, and something he appreciates more every day “A lot of people will see an artist and seem to think that they come out of nowhere, but if they actually knew that person, they’d know they’ve been playing in bars for eight to ten years and have been putting in the time. As an artist, you have to have patience and understand that it’s not going happen overnight, and it’s not going happen in a year or two, it’s probably going take a lot longer than that.”

Catch Ty Baynton On Tour:

August 31, 2017
 Owen Sound Salmon Derby
 Owen Sound, ON
September 1, 2017
CNE Northern Comfort Saloon Stage
 Toronto, ON
September 2, 2017
CNE Northern Comfort Saloon Stage
Toronto, ON
September 3, 2017
CNE Northern Comfort Saloon Stage
Toronto, ON

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