Exclusive: An Interview With Novi

Lead PhotoClaire Leahy
By: Kat Harlton

Novi is a duo comprised of Ashland, Oregon native Carolyne Neuman and producer Lee Miles (Oh My Stars, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Puddle of Mudd). Together they’ve created intense, moody electro-pop that’s appeared on ‘One Tree Hill’ and MTV’s ‘Faking It.’

Most recently, Novi’s been working on a new project with producers Miles and Republic Records artist “Stelouse”. Their first single “Long Day,” is an epic, pop anthem duet featuring long-time friend Tyler Blackburn (actor most known for ‘Pretty Little Liars’).


We caught up with Novi (Carolyne Neuman) to discuss musical inspiration, how Tyler Blackburn came to feature on ‘Long Day’ and what’s next for the artist.

Kat: Could you speak to the inspiration behind your latest single “Long Day” and what idols or musicians inspire you and your sound?

Novi: This inspiration behind the song really came from visiting my hometown of Ashland, Oregon, the feeling of nostalgia for that small town charm and lifestyle vs playing the game of being a recording artist in LA. But fortunately, there’s no reason why I (or anyone for that matter) can’t have both. You get to create your life in anyway you like! But yes, being in Ashland, inspired the track and the feeling of the song.

There are so many phenomenal artists out there that inspire me.  SIA has always been my favorite artist, and songwriter, she just gets it.  Also Florence Welch from “Florence and the Machine”, Lykke Li and recently Kesha with her song “Prayer” WOW!

Kat:  “Long Day” features guest vocals by Tyler Blackburn, could you share how he came to feature on the track and what creative aspects he brought to it?

Novi: Tyler and I have been best friends for 10 plus years, he is one of my favorite people on the planet.   I new that “Long Day” should be a duet, because originally, we had my producer Lee Miles singing the male part.  But when I played the song for Tyler, He really liked it, and we immediately felt like he would be amazing on it.  So he came and sang the verse and gave it this dynamic flavor.  He is such an expressive singer, it brought so much to the track.

Kat: Have you been given any helpful advice, or do you have advice for new emerging artists looking to forge a path in music?

Novi: For me, it’s a matter of putting the work in, and staying positive throughout the process.  Also really having trust with the people you choose to involve yourself with.

Photo Claire Leahy
Photo: Claire Leahy

Kat: Can we expect a full album soon? Tour? More singles? More guest features?

Novi: YAS! So many good things in the near future.  We will be releasing a video for “Long Day” followed by a brand new single! And then a full EP.   You may also be hearing some new Novi on TV! But I can’t disclose the details just yet.

Kat: What’s the next level for Novi? Where do you hope to take it?

Novi: My goal is really to continue to write and release new materiel.  Keep the creative juices constantly flowing!! And expand in all areas.

For more Novi head over to: http://www.iamnovi.com

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