Photos: Rodney Mullen With Shaun Gladwell-The Drake Hotel, Toronto-June 23 2017

Photos: Tiffany Shum

This past Friday evening we had the opportunity to hang, sip whisky cocktails and talk skate with Rodney Mullen and Shaun Gladwell courtesy of Monkey Shoulder Whisky.

Monkey Shoulder was offering samples of two different malt scotch whisky drinks, my favorite was the “Monkey Thrasher” it had a strong citrus taste and would be perfect for those late night summer patio parties.

Mullen is a veteran skateboarder, referred to by many as “The Godfather of Skating”. He earned this title through perseverance and innovation, inventing tricks such as the flat ground ollie, the kick flip, the heel flip and the 360 flip. Mullen was super inspiring to listen to, and I loved how he talked about skating in reference to life, what it’s taught him and how he’s able to apply those lessons to other areas of his life.

I also found artist Shaun Gladwell’s perspective on creating really interesting. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Gladwell works predominantly in video arts, with a focus on movement and performance within the natural landscape. His primary interests range from street dance to extreme sports, and of course, skateboarding. The story behind his video project with Mullen and his perseverance for his vision reminded me that as a creator and innovator your work is never really done, there’s always room to grow, learn and push yourself.

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