These Are The Romantic Movies We’re Watching On Super Channel Heart & Home In September 2023


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Filled with ambitious protagonists, coffee and delicious treats, these are the new heart-warming movies we’re watching on Super Channel Heart & Home in September 2023.

The Singles Guidebook

Molly, a talented, scrupulous content creator, gets a surprise assignment to chronicle her newfound singlehood. But when she’s paired with Jackson-her polar opposite-will she learn to stand on her own two feet, or will love get in the way?

Starring Meggan Kaiser, Philiip Boyd. Directed by Alejandro Contreras.

Sweet On You

Small-town pie shop owner Kate encounters city boy Drew, who has arrived to build tract homes that would run straight through her business; Drew soon finds his heart trapped between his family’s wishes and a chance at love.

Starring Haylie Duff, Rob Mayes. Written and Directed by Marla Sokoloff.

Something’s Brewing

After losing her job and boyfriend on the same day, Jane Peterson vows to leave the city for good. Before she can, a handsome and charming barista helps her rediscover the city.

Starring Kristi Murdock, Jason Cook. Directed by Nadeem Soumah.

A Priceless Love

After realizing one of the ‘gently used’ items in her second-hand store is actually an antique teapot worth $80K, Rose McGovern finds herself in the sights of Joe Burnsides an ambitious antique broker. He’s determined to buy the teapot from Rose, but she refuses to sell until she can find the original owner.

Starring Erin Agostino, Luke Humphrey, Connie Wang. Directed by Virginia Abramovich.

A Whirlwind Wedding

Darcy, an accountant and former event planner, returns to her home town to plan her mother’s wedding. Handsome and charming Kyle, the chef catering the event, helps her pull off the big day and he might just be the love she’s been looking for.

Starring Morgan Kohan, Drew Nelson. Directed by Danny J. Boyle.

All of these movies are available to watch on demand and online.

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