15 Bougie Home Upgrades To Make Your Home Smarter


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Are you looking for bougie smart home upgrades that combine class with technology? Look no further — here are 15 excellent options to add a touch of practical elegance to your space.

1. Voice-Activated Hub

Does setting your ideal temperature, dimming the lights and playing soothing music before bed sound like a dream come true? If so, you should invest in a voice-activated smart hub. It’s the ideal bougie home upgrade because it connects every piece of technology in your home.

Hubs are beneficial because they provide a single point of control. Instead of opening dozens of apps, you only need to press a few buttons on one. Splurging on the latest one is ideal since modern models function better and seamlessly connect all your technology.

Most people consider them a luxury — and they are. If you build your system into your home, you can say a command anywhere inside and get an immediate response. You could ask it to add items to your shopping list or play music without even getting up from your lounge chair. 

2. Smart Garage Door

Upgrading your garage door with the latest technology is aesthetic, convenient and classy. You can open it remotely and keep an eye on your driveway with built-in cameras. Most people feel pleased with theirs, which is why 74% of smart garage door owners would get another one in the future. Plus, you never have to keep track of a remote again since you can control it from your phone.

3. Intelligent Wine Cooler

A glass of fine wine tastes better when it’s stored properly. An intelligent wine cooler keeps wine at the perfect temperature, bringing out its unique aroma. It also controls humidity and can track which bottles you have, meaning you’ll always know the best one to grab when you’re entertaining.

While there are miniature smart fridges for those who want a smaller commitment, there are also large coolers and wall-wide cabinets for extra luxury. They give a modern touch to a classy hobby, ideal for those who want an upgraded wine cellar.

4. Automatic Lights

Built-in automatic smart lights enhance an area’s ambiance and accentuate your home’s best features. They’re the latest luxury in lighting, whether you want to schedule them to turn on at certain times or change colors with your mood. Install them indoors and outdoors for a complete overhaul of your space. 

5. Smart Security System

Smart security systems are subtle and powerful. Built-in security cameras give you a real-time view of your entire property, while automatic locks replace your current deadbolt to enhance its strength. Since they’re small and don’t need accompanying fixtures, no one will even notice them.

6. Connected Kitchen Appliances

Connected kitchen appliances are luxurious, convenient and timeless. Some use artificial intelligence or voice-activated assistants, so you can automate most of the cooking process. It’s an incredibly practical home upgrade.

7. Automatic Sprinkler System

Well-manicured lawns require lots of time to look effortless. While most people hire gardeners to keep their landscaping looking gorgeous all year round, a smart sprinkler system is ideal for homeowners who want more control. They monitor water use and can have different routines for sections of your yard. Some even track the weather so you know when to skip watering. 

8. Hands-Free Blinds

You can schedule your hands-free blinds or adjust them from your phone. For instance, you could have them open and close right when you get in or out of bed. These are ideal because sunlight helps you rise in the morning and rest at night. With smart blinds, you can enjoy extra privacy and natural light whenever you want.

9. Smart Motion Sensors

You can connect smart motion sensors to a security system or lighting to have them go off whenever someone walks under them. You can install them in the driveway to deter thieves or put them inside so you never have to flick a light switch again.

10. Radiant Heating Technology 

Heated floors are the pinnacle of luxury. Surprisingly, most come with smart technology built-in and can connect to thermostats or hubs. It’s exceptional because you can install it on any flooring type. While radiant heating has existed for years, internet-connected upgrades are fairly recent. They let you adjust the temperature however you want to enhance your comfort. 

11. Intelligent Bathroom Fans

Intelligent bathroom fans automatically detect and remove humidity to keep your bathroom looking pristine. It prevents the room from fogging up, which is fantastic if you want to keep your mirror clean of streaks and fingerprints. Some even come with speakers.

12. Hands-Free Faucets

Hands-free fixtures either come with voice activation or gesture recognition so you never have to dirty — or clean — them again. Modern models control water flow, so you can ask for a specific amount to drink. As a bonus, some smart faucets even detect leaks or pipe blockages.

13. Connected Thermostat

Smart thermostats look sleek and let you optimize your comfort. Instead of adding or shedding layers of clothing, you open your phone and adjust the temperature. You can also put them on a schedule if you don’t want to think about changing it.

14. Integrated Smart Speakers

While smart speakers are a standard household device, most simply aren’t visually appealing. Unless your home’s aesthetic revolves around technology, they look out of place. Thankfully, you can use an integrated version for hidden sound throughout your home. 

Most in-wall and in-ceiling smart speakers have built-in voice assistants so you can make requests or commands from any room. If you position them correctly, they even can elevate your surround sound. 

15. Smart Fireplace

Combining smart thermostats and lighting gives you an advanced electric fireplace. It’s one of the best bougie home upgrades because there’s no need to fuss with wood or ash — simply turn it on via your phone. While there are small models available, you can build large versions directly into your wall. 

Live Luxuriously 

These bougie upgrades combine the latest technology with timeless aesthetics. They’re fantastic for any home, whether you want to elevate your living room, bathroom, yard or kitchen. 

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