Moving In With A Partner? Here’s How To Socialize Your Pets


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Bringing pets into a new living situation can be daunting for everyone. Animals can be territorial, and adjusting to new surroundings, people and pets can be stressful. However, proper patience and an action plan when moving in with a partner can make the process smooth and successful. 

Here is how to socialize your pets if you’re moving in with your significant other. 

What Is Socialization For Pets?

Socializing animals is when you introduce dogs or cats to each other. The interactions should be comfortable and enjoyable as they get used to other pets, people and places. 

It is best to socialize puppies between 3 and 14 weeks old and kittens between 3 and 9 weeks. However, this will not be possible if you both have had your pets for a while. 

Tips For Introducing Pets

Moving in with your partner is exciting, although pets might object. You may even be excited to be the new parent to your loved one’s furry friend, whether they like it or not. These are some ways to make animal introductions go smoothly. 

Start Slow

Although you might be excited to move in with your partner, your pets might be less thrilled. It is essential to introduce them to new surroundings and other animals slowly. Give your pet time to adjust to the new environment before you bring other animals into the equation. Start by letting them explore the new place independently and allowing them to retreat to a quiet, safe place if they are overwhelmed. 

Introduce them to the home gradually. Letting your pet run free can be tempting, but a large space can overstimulate and scare them. Instead, introduce them to the place room by room to add comfort. 

Bring In New Scents 

Animals have a fantastic sense of smell. Dogs can scent things much more accurately than humans. Therefore, you should gradually bring your partner’s clothing and belongings with the scent of the other animal to your home. They will become acclimated to the smalls before moving. 

Utilize Carriers & Rooms

Once your pet adjusts to the area, it’s time for the animals to meet. Use carriers and other rooms to separate them first. Letting them both loose can end badly, and they won’t feel comfortable with each other.

Consider letting them interact through a closed door or carrier. This way, they can see and smell each other without any risks. You should do this a couple of times before you let them meet without a barrier. 

Keep Them On A Routine

Pets do well when they stay on a routine. Although they are in an unfamiliar space with new animals, keep them on the same feeding, walking and other schedules. It will give them a sense of security and familiarity. Stay consistent with their routine to ensure they don’t feel anxious about anything else. 

Dogs can be introduced by going on a walk because it gives them time to feel each other out. Plus they are in a simulating environment where sights and smells can distract them from the relationship if it is not the best at first.  

Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is an effective way to train both of the pets in the situation. Getting accustomed to another creature is a big accomplishment for you, your partner and the animals. Use treats or toys to praise good behaviour when introducing them. For example, when one approaches the other calmly and interacts well, reward them with a treat or two. 

Positive reinforcement will help them learn their behaviour is acceptable, and they’ll continue to have good interactions. 

Give Them Love & Attention

Don’t forget that your animals love you so you need to give them plenty of love and attention back. When they feel scared and confused, this is the time they need you most. Living with another pet can be stressful and difficult for some pets to adjust to. Make sure your furry friend is feeling loved and safe during this transition.

Be Patient 

Socializing pets when moving in with your partner will take time. Don’t rush the process and prepare to take things slower, which will make things easier for everyone. If your pets seem overwhelmed and anxious, give them space and try again later. 

Bring The Group Together

Successfully bringing pets together takes time and effort, but it will pay off once your fur babies become pals. This will ensure everyone enjoys their new life together.

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