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The housewarming party is a tradition going back generations — though it’s changed a bit. In the past, guests would help warm the new home by bringing staples residents might need to survive, like wood for the fire or preserved food. Now, it’s an excellent excuse to celebrate your purchase with family, friends and neighbours.

While a store of warm logs might be nice to combat the chilly Toronto winter, your main goal for sharing your new home with friends is to commemorate this momentous occasion. These tips can help you throw a housewarming party to remember.   

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1. Give Plenty Of Notice

You’ve been drowning in a seemingly endless sea of boxes and inundated with phone calls from loved ones wanting to see your new house. Inspire yourself to get unpacked by setting a firm housewarming party date. 

Once you send the invitations, you have an established deadline for unpacking and creating a space that looks like an adult lives there rather than a box-fort-loving toddler. Just ensure you give your guests at least a week’s notice, preferably longer, so they can plan to make it. Otherwise, you may have an empty housewarming. 

You can certainly keep your guest list to your friends and family. However, this is also a great excuse to meet the neighbours. Invite everyone on your block so you can mix and mingle to see who may be friend-worthy material down the road. Gather the local scoop, like who you can borrow from and whose lawn you should avoid. 

2. Skip The Theme

Many housewarming party checklists recommend establishing a theme. While having a beautifully decorated space with coordinating food and entertainment can be fun, it may also be too much for the occasion. Plus, finding a theme everyone on your guest list will appreciate is a challenge you don’t need right now. 

Most of your guests haven’t seen your house yet, so the place in its typical state is enough decoration. Also, you’ve just bought a home — you don’t need to stretch your budget further by buying kitschy party supplies. Instead, focus on providing great food and drinks and entertainment.

3. Remember The Kids

One mistake most homeowners make is to ensure their housewarming party is appropriate and safe for young guests. You’ve only lived in this home a short time, so you may not yet be aware of some of the hidden dangers for kids, especially if you don’t have any. 

Take some time to comb your home for any potential hazards. Your garage door should be at the top of this list. You may not think it’s an issue, but since 1974, at least 85 children have died or suffered permanent brain damage in automatic garage door opener accidents. You’ve probably been using your garage more than usual, so take the extra time to ensure everything works properly and you don’t hear any strange sounds. 

You’ll also want to plan kid-friendly food and drinks so they don’t beg their parents to go home early. You should also keep alcohol out of children’s reach so they don’t accidentally drink it. Your loved ones and neighbours with children will appreciate your effort to protect and entertain them. 

4. Keep Hands & Stomachs Full

Unlike themed decor, planning your housewarming party’s food and entertainment is essential. It’s easy to have a good time when your stomach is full of delicious treats and your hands are occupied with games or a drink. 

Your menu doesn’t need to be over the top for your guests to enjoy themselves. In most instances, no one expects a full meal. Instead, focus on a mix of novel and familiar finger foods your guests will enjoy. A sampling of drinks is always a good idea, too. Wine, beer and coffee are great options for adults. Add punch for kids and people who choose not to imbibe. 

Why not break in your backyard, too? Set up outdoor activities for your guests, like ladder toss and cornhole. Cater to all ages and preferences with a playlist of hits from every genre and decade. You can host other party games inside like Telestrations, Herd Mindset and Apples to Apples.  

Keep Things Simple

Your guests aren’t expecting anything fancy from you. These are your friends and family — they just want to share this moment and celebrate with you. Show off your new digs without breaking the bank by keeping the party simple yet fun.

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