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Kat Harlton

One of mainstream rock’s most powerful and distinctive acts, three time Grammy-nominated group NOTHING MORE are hitting the road at the end of this month for their “Spirits 2023” North American headlining tour. The tour will include stops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto on Wednesday April 5, 2023. They’re joined by Crown the Empire and Thousand Below.

Nothing More’s 2022 album Spirits (via Better Noise Music) was inspired by the philosophy of Alan Watts and Carl Jung and an introspective look at the results on one’s psyche after being isolated due to the pandemic. 

The San Antonio, Texas-born quartet builds unapologetically massive anthems from catchy hooks. Kerrang! named Nothing More’s one of 22 Artists Shaping the Future of Rock, alongside Nine Inch Nails, Twenty One Pilots, and Bring Me The Horizon. And of their live show, The Guardian observed: “There’s a sophistication to Nothing More’s angst that raises them above the tumult-tossed pit.”

The band’s blend of explosive bombast and nuanced storytelling resulted in a half dozen Top 10 singles at American Mainstream Rock Radio, including the No. 1 hit “Go to War” and the SiriusXM Octane song of the decade and Active Rock chart-topper “This is the Time (Ballast).” The Stories We Tell Ourselves earned three Grammy nominations.

I had the opportunity to chat with the band about their headlining tour, their journey so far and what’s next.

Kat: Can you tell us a bit about Nothing More and your music journey so far?  

Nothing More: In a word I would say that the musical journey of Nothing More has been very  meaningful. Before everyone came to know of Nothing More we spent nearly a decade in the underground; playing shows in dive bars for no-one ,working on our craft, and trying with all of our might to find our identity and become a world class headlining band. Year after year we were passed on by record labels and booking agents, and told that we just weren’t “it”. But our love for music and love for the stage always beat the criticism we received from the industry and we used the pain of rejection to push on and keep refining the music that we were making. And I think that was what made us different as a band. When a label wouldn’t give us a deal, we learned to produce the records on our own. When we didn’t have the money to make an exciting stage show, we learned to build it ourselves. When people said that our  songs were too complicated, we learned to write songs in a way that we still loved, but the message stays cohesive. I think that the struggle shaped this band in the most greatest of ways. It showed us just how much music means to us. And it taught us the ability to change and endure rejection, and when not to change and to stick to your  guns. More than anything I think it makes where we are now even more  magical. Every day that we pull up to a show and there’s a line of people  around the block waiting to get in makes all those years worth it. And I think  the fans can tell that about us. They can tell that we put our heart into  everything that we do and that we treat every show we play as if it’s our last.  

Kat: You’ll soon be heading out on your “Spirits 2023” North American headlining tour  with stops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. How does it feel to be returning to the stage again?  

Nothing More: We are beyond pumped to be getting on the road again. I think the two years of  Covid that we weren’t allowed to tour really showed us how much live music and  touring means to us. And I am especially excited to return to Canada because since  the last time we played there I married an amazing woman from Edmonton. So now my new, extended family can finally see what I do.  

Kat: What has been a career highlight for you so far? What have you learned along the  way?  

Nothing More: The biggest career highlight for me has been the three grammy nominations we got between Go To War, and The Stories We Tell Ourselves record. The biggest thing that I’ve learned along the way is to never think that your art is too “this” or “that” to be successful and don’t ever change what you think makes you unique in pursuit of acceptance. Following the crowd might get you somewhere quicker, but originality always wins in the end.  

Kat: Can you share the inspiration behind your latest album “Spirits”?  

Nothing More: The album Spirits from my point of view is an exploration of the human spirit while  enduring trial and tribulation. It was largely inspired by the madness that we saw  happening all around us during the pandemic. Also just our own personal struggles  with relationships, substance, and being forced onto a stage 200 nights a year.  

Kat: What are you currently working on now, and what can fans expect from you for the  balance of 2023?  

Nothing More: Even though we just dropped Spirits late last year we are already well underway recording the followup record. For the last 10 years we have made the records in house but for this one we’re putting superstar producer Drew Folk behind the mixer,  and so far what we have SLAMS. You can definitely expect us to be on the road a lot for the remainder of 2023. We  have the Spirits Tour this spring that you previously mentioned, then we’re heading to  Europe this summer for festival season, then we will out on the road again in the Fall  for the second leg of the Spirits Tour.  

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