How To Expand Your Garden In Creative Ways – 8 Tips


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You’ve worked hard to make your garden what it is today, but you can always make it bigger as your skills grow. Even if you don’t have a big yard, you can always learn how to expand your garden in these creative ways. Take some inspiration from these ideas to rethink your garden’s potential.

1. Make Plant Labels

Your primary concern with expanding your garden is likely keeping track of your new plants. Make a few labels by painting wood slices, corks or clothespins with each plant’s name. 

You’ll remember their growth cycle and how often they need watering just by looking at your garden. The labels also double as decorations if you use colourful markers or creative materials.

2. Build A Raised Garden Bed

Raising your garden above ground could help expand your garden too. It’s the best solution for anyone who can’t dig into their property or doesn’t have room in their yard. Raised garden beds work anywhere and you can design your box to your home’s free space.

Don’t forget to get the right supplies to make your raised garden bed. You could use a bandsaw to cut through soft metals or wood and keep it for future projects. Every tool is an investment, so stock up on everything you’ll need to finish your garden.

3. Bring Your Herbs Indoors

Let your plants take over your home by bringing your garden to your patio, porch or kitchen counter. You could grow smaller plants like herbs anywhere, especially if you get a gardening kit. They’ll have everything you need to expand your garden, no matter how much space you have for your plants.

Consider collections that could help you make herb-based cocktails with your harvest to match your plants with how you love spending your time. They can grow in creative containers to showcase your personality.

4. Add A Pathway

Even if you don’t need to walk through your garden, a pathway adds a mystical vibe that makes any garden feel bigger. Use flat stones, gravel, cement or another decorative material to lay a path that winds through your beautiful plants.

They’ll make your garden feel bigger by creating the appearance of a destination on the other side. If there’s actually something on the other side, like a garden shed or playset, your pathway will become a visual reminder of other fun features in your yard.

5. Create A Kids Corner

If you have kids, invite them to spend time in your garden with you. You could create a corner exclusively for their outdoor playtime. Invest in a patio table with an umbrella or build a small sandbox to entertain them while you work with your plants. Everyone will get more use out of your garden space after you finish this fun project.

6. Paint Decorative Rocks

You can also expand your garden with a creative craft like painting decorative rocks. They’ll establish a decorative theme for the space, which you can trail through other parts of your yard. Your garden will quickly feel more expansive because the rocks painted by your family will remove its visual boundaries.

7. Upcycle Thrifted Furniture

Thrift stores are another resource for anyone hoping to make their garden look better and feel bigger. Search local thrift stores for furniture that only costs a few dollars. A paint bucket could transform an old dresser into a gardening supply bench to organize your tools. They’ll always be within reach and your garden will get a decorative upgrade.

8. Use Empty Wall Space

Don’t forget that you can use empty wall space to grow more plants and make your garden more beautiful. Build a vertical pallet planter and attach it to the bare wall on your patio. A ladder transformed with colourful window boxes could lean against the side of your home. It depends on what decorative elements you want to add to your property.

Expand Your Garden This Year

Consider how much space you have and which plants you’ll grow this year to expand your garden in creative ways. Whether you want to label your plants, transform vintage furniture or build a space for your kids to have fun in your garden, you’ll make a beautiful space for your gardening activities this year.

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