These Are The Romantic Movies We’re Watching On Super Channel Heart & Home This March


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Filled with ambitious protagonists and a touch of romance, these are the new heart-warming movies we’re watching on Super Channel Heart & Home in March 2023.

Meet Me In New York

Kelly is a young, creative, ambitious events planner in New York City and quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best in the business. But when Joe, a stubborn, difficult, but influential website editor, hires her to organize his niece’s 10th birthday party, Kelly quickly realizes that she may have just met her match.

Directed by Adrian Langley. Starring: Brooke Nevin, Corey Sevier

Love Marks The Spot

In order to save her home publishing company from being sold, ghostwriter Becca must go all the way to Arcania with famed action star Lee to secure movie rights to the popular “Lover’s Quest” series.

Starring: Annika Foster, Andrew Biernat

The Wedding Wish

A diehard romantic sets the date for her wedding despite still being single. As she goes on a quest to find a fiancé, she’s unaware true love might be right under her nose.

Starring: Kabby Borders, Alex Trumble

Love On Trend

When Allie Ederling left her small town to move to San Francisco to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, little did she imagine that the city had big plans for her… and for her heart!

Directed by Nicholas Humphries. Starring: Jocelyn Panton, Giles Panton

All of these movies are available to watch on demand and online.

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