Designing A Home Theatre Room – 6 Fun Ideas


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You can stream the newest films at home through any one of a hundred services, but it’s hard to beat an authentic movie theatre experience. Fortunately, you can bring the cinema to your house by designing a home theatre. 

Here are six fun ways to create a home theatre without breaking the bank. 

1. Ambient Lighting

A good way to start your home theatre on a budget is with the lighting. Ambient lights set the mood — imagine dim lights while watching a romantic comedy with your partner. You may want to eliminate all lighting when watching an old horror movie or psychological thriller. In that case, get a remote-controlled system to adjust things.

A home theatre gives you a few options for lighting. Get LED strips that roll down the steps, adding to the atmosphere and helping everyone see where they step. LEDs are preferable because they emit minimal heat compared to incandescent lighting. You’ll likely have other machines in the theatre, so LEDs won’t make the room any warmer than you want it.   

2. Blackout Curtains

Another way to set the mood is to use blackout curtains. Some people use their garage or another room with windows for their home theatre. 

These areas are ideal because they are spacious, but the windows can invite unwanted light even if you have curtains. Blackout drapes will do their job of darkening the room, providing the ideal atmosphere for scary movies. 

3. Carpet Flooring

Your home theatre should also have comfortable flooring. Guests will likely want to take their shoes off and feel at home, but floors can be dirty with candy wrappers and stale popcorn. 

Combat this by installing comfortable flooring like carpet. Carpeting’s soft fibres create a surround-sound experience better than any other material. It also provides insulation to make your theatre comfortably warm and easy to walk on. 

Another excellent option for a home theatre is vinyl. The surface can be hard, but it’s comfortable to walk on and resistant to any drink spills or scratches from the furniture. 

4. Smart TV

Next, you’ll need something to watch the movies on. Thankfully, TVs have become an economical part of home theatres on a budget. The price of high-quality TVs has decreased dramatically in the last couple of decades despite price increases with everything else. The reasons for dropping vary, but companies have found cheaper ways to make the popular flat-screen devices you’ve known and loved for years. 

You can also invest in a smart TV. This device, whether Roku, Samsung, Amazon Fire or another brand, has all your favourite streaming services available at the click of a button. When operating a home theatre, you’ll want as few devices and remotes as possible to limit confusion. 

5. Sound System 

Sound systems can easily reach the thousand-dollar mark, especially if you come across high-quality packages. One way to get solid sound without breaking the bank is to use a soundbar. This device is ideal for a home theatre because it provides quality sound but won’t take up a lot of space. 

They’ll fit in and practically disguise themselves. Plus, they’re much easier to move around if you find a better spot in the room. Other sound systems are so heavy you’ll need two or more people to transport them. 

Today’s soundbars are good enough to make any race scene from “The Fast and the Furious” sound like you’re at the filming location.

6. Food and Drink Station

Why do people still go to movie theatres? The smell of popcorn alone is enough to draw you in. Sure, you can microwave a bag at home, but how do you mimic the tasty food, gigantic drinks and large bars of candy? Make a food and drink station.

Having food and beverages inside your theatre is ideal. Hungry guests won’t have to leave the room to get something to eat, and you won’t have to pause the movie during the best scenes. Retailers sell large popcorn makers that look similar to the ones at the cinema for under $100. You can also add a mini fridge full of soda, water and beer for the adult crowds.

Bringing the Theatre to Your Home

People can now do more stuff at home. You can work full-time jobs, shop for groceries and order takeout from the comfort of your bedroom. Now, you can bring the silver screen to your house without breaking the bank. Bring on the movie nights.

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