World-Class Champions Of Magic Tour Share Thoughts On What To Expect From Their Ontario Stops

Kat Harlton

World-class, family-friendly magic show Champions of Magic, is headed to the Flato Markham Theatre from November 30 to December 1, Centre in the Square in Kitchener from December 2 to 3 and the Peterborough Memorial Centre on December 9

With more than 50 million online views between them, this cast of five illusionists includes international award-winners presenting incredible mind reading, stunning close-up magic and daring large-scale illusions.

Young & Strange are a dynamic duo who met at an early age and flourished as their love of magic grew. In recent years their relentless development and innovation of spectacular illusions and live shows have landed them spots on prime-time television and the biggest stages around the world.

Alex McAleer brings another level to this magic show with his ability to tap into the minds of his audiences. His segment is an amusing dance between his rare talent, loveable humour and showmanship. Alex has also written a variety of successful books discussing his techniques and given lectures to students of psychology, mentalism and magicians at the Magic Circle.

A trained dancer and musical theatre performer, Hollie England found herself transitioning into the world of magic after constantly getting hired as ‘the girl in the box’. After working with many illusionists, she went on to associate produce, cast, direct and choreograph multiple record-breaking Broadway shows, international tours and immersive magic attractions for companies such as Cirque Du Soleil. She has appeared on America’s Got Talent, Showtime at the Apollo, Masters of Illusion and The Go Big Show. Hollie truly makes you believe that miracles exist.

Escape artist Fernando Velasco creates a nail-biting experience for audiences, making the impossible possible. The boundaries are pushed through his death-defying tricks, bringing onlookers on a suspenseful ride. Fernando is also known as the youngest escape artist to perform magic’s most dangerous illusions, the Houdini water torture cell.

I had the opportunity to chat with Alex McAleer about what audiences can expect from their upcoming Ontario tour stops.

Kat: We’re super excited to hear that Champions of Magic is coming to Ontario! For readers who have never experienced the show, what can audiences expect?

Alex: They can expect to see a spectacular, family-friendly, magic show. With five of us in the cast, each specialising in our own type of magic, you get to see every style of magic; illusion, escapes, sleight of hand, mind reading! 

Kat: How did you get your start as an illusionist? When did you realize that you had a unique skill?

Alex: I had a magic kit when I was young but it wasn’t until I was in my early teens that I really got into the type of magic I perform – Mentalism. It’s magic with people’s thoughts. I use a hybrid of different skills and techniques. It’s not a gift or anything, I’ve studied various techniques to make it look like I can look at someone and know exactly what’s going on inside their head. 

Kat: Five special illusionists make up this incredible show and I imagine that trust, compatibility and teamwork are crucial components to a smooth run. What is it that you appreciate most about your team?

Alex: I think what I appreciate most is we all have a respect for what each other does, there’s not competitiveness off-stage, in fact if anything we exchange thoughts and ideas with each other.

Kat: Do you have a go-to pre-show ritual? Something you do every time before getting up on stage?

Alex: I like to sit in the wings and listen as the audience comes in – I can’t hear what they are saying but the general hubbub of noise and chatter builds in the room as we get closer to show time. It lifts my energy levels too. 

Kat: Where can tickets be purchased?

Alex: You can find tickets and more info about the show at and we hope to see you there!

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