Dr. JP Gedeon, CEO & Executive Producer Of More Entertainment Shares Thoughts On Bringing The Musical “Rock Of Ages” To The Toronto Elgin Theatre

Kat Harlton

Rock of Ages, one of Broadway’s longest running hit musicals will hit the Toronto stage at the Elgin Theatre from February 23 to May 20, 2023. A gnarly concoction of power rock and hilarious comedy, this reimagined version of the iconic ‘80s-inspired production promises top tier talent and a night that won’t be forgotten. 

Presented by More Entertainment, a  rockstar line-up of superior performers make up the production’s cast, including Trevor Coll (We Will Rock You), AJ Bridel (Peter Pan, Drayton Ent; Anne of Green Gables, Charlottetown Festival; Kinky Boots, Mirvish), Kae Kae Lee (Zombies 3, Disney; What We Do In The Shadows, Fox), Louise Camilleri (ShowBoat, Gershwin Theatre; (Mamma Mia, Mirvish; Lord of The Rings, Mirvish) and Steffi DiDomenicantonio (Come From Away, Mirvish; Spring Awakening, Mirvish; Canadian Idol) .

Created by an award-winning team of producers, directors, planners, designers, and marketers, More Entertainment’s promise is to deliver world-class, cutting-edge events and spectaculars in Canada and around the world. With experience ranging from the Broadway stage to Superbowl half-time shows, Disney Spectaculars Concert Halls and Rock Venues, this team stands poised to deliver the most efficient, experienced, and impactful projects in the entertainment and events industries. 

More Entertainment CEO Dr. JP Gedeon has been the leader of countless productions including My Fair Lady, Mamma Mia, Little Mermaid, The Wizard of Oz and more. His experience as a performer, conductor and producer has given him the capability to create jaw dropping, shoe-stomping performances that entice crowds and set them on a journey. 

I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. JP Gedeon about what to expect from the reimagined production.

Kat: We’re thrilled to hear that iconic musical Rock of Ages is coming to Toronto this winter! What was it about the show that made you want to get involved?

JP: Well, let’s just start with the most obvious thing: Rock of Ages’ iconic 80s power anthems that pervade the show! I have always loved the music of the 80s for its passion, power and distinct sound. I can’t help but to happily sing along with every song from this score, while making funny faces and bopping around the room. But also, what really attracted me to this show was its infectious energy and nostalgia. After so many years with pandemic restrictions and confusion, Rock of Ages transports us to a simpler, more innocent, and happier time. It gives us a moment where we can again feel the freedom of youth, dance to our favourite songs, and remember what it means to laugh and party together.

Kat: What can longtime fans of the show expect from this reimagined production?

JP: This will be Rock of Ages like you have never seen it before. We have drawn inspiration from the fullness and power of 80s music to pull together a modern design concept that is multi-dimensional, multi-leveled, and powerful. The design is powered by immersive elements all contained within a vaulting multi-media, rock set – affixed with rock lighting, power sound, huge dance, and incredible songs. Far from being simply a concert style event, we have put together a world-class cast and crew that will deliver a full scale, dynamic, and beautifully told story – both melting your heart and rocking your world. Although the show is set in the 80s, this is truly the new Rock of Ages for a 2023 audience. We promise: this is NOT your “old theatre friend’s” Rock of Ages (respect). It is definitely everything you’ve ever wanted to hear and see!

Kat: For those who have never heard of Rock of Ages, how would you best describe the essence of the show?

JP: To use 80s language: Rock of Ages is a perfect, gnarly concoction of power rock and hilarious comedy. The show takes you through the adventures of good guys and bad guys, as you sing along to power anthems and laugh hysterically at the fun antics. It will definitely be the best party in Toronto for its 12-week stay!

Kat: What is it about the ‘80s that you think resonates with such a diverse audience, from teens today to those who experienced the era for themselves?

JP: I think that 80s music held within it a grain of simplicity and truth that appeals to everyone, of every age. The messages of 80s rock were understandable, emotional, passionate, and inspiring. In our complicated days of confusing connectivity, over-abundant social media, swirling politics, difficult news cycles, and challenging world events, I think the 80s brings us back to the basics we so desperately know we need: Will love conquer all? Can we stay passionate and committed to our dreams? How do we make real and lasting connections with others? Who do we want to become? And most importantly, how do we remain true to ourselves and to those we love in the face of the challenges besetting us? I think the 80s emphasized all of these important things and that’s why it resonates so universally. Oh yes, also shoulder pads, leg warmers and pop rocks! Let’s not forget those awesome things.

Kat: Where are tickets available for purchase?

JP: Tickets are on sale now and can be found at Ticketmaster: https://am.ticketmaster.com/tolive/rock-of-ages OR can be accessed from the Rock of Ages website at: www.rockofagestoronto.ca

Get your tickets today as they are already selling fast. You’re NOT gonna want to miss out on this!

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