How To Transform Your Sunroom Into A Sanctuary


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Sunrooms let you step outside without leaving your home. You’re suddenly in the sun’s warmth, basking under big glass windows and surrounded by plants, or comfortable furniture, or whatever else you choose to include in your cozy sanctuary.

If you have a sunroom, but haven’t made it your own yet, we can offer some inspiration.

1. Consider the Sunroom’s Purpose

Do you go to your sunroom to relax or to entertain others? If your sunroom’s primary purpose is to help you relax, decorate it with items that reflect that purpose. You’ll want your sunroom to be a place you can retreat to after a long, stressful day. The natural sunlight and other decorations should calm you down and help you feel at ease.

If you’re using your sunroom for entertaining, ensure you have enough space so everyone feels comfortable. Some people may want to distance themselves if they’re worried about getting sick — so if you’re using your sunroom as a guest space, you’ll want to ensure you have enough room for everyone.

2. Include Plenty of Pillows

No matter your sunroom’s purpose, you want it to be comfortable. Adding plenty of pillows can help you feel relaxed. Find throw pillows at any store to match your decor or make your own, which would be a fun activity to complete with your kids. You can include floor poufs that people can sit on instead of a lot of furniture.

3. Stay Away From Screens

Your sunroom should help you feel closer to nature. The glass panels offer a look into your backyard, which might have amazing views allowing you to watch flora and fauna up close without interfering. You don’t need your phone or a television in your sunroom.

Spending too much time with screens can leave you with feelings of anxiety or depression and it may make it harder for you to learn new things. Even if you spend only an hour in your sunroom each day, that’s an hour that you would be on a screen otherwise.

4. Utilize Supplementary Light

Since most sunrooms cost around $10,000 but can go up to $70,000 depending on the features you include, you probably expect the room to provide enough light and not spend any extra on supplementary lighting. Thinking that the sun will give you enough light for your sunroom is incorrect — you may want to utilize your sunroom at night.

You can include a few lamps for nighttime reading or general ambiance as you spend time in the room. Installing a fan might be a good idea, especially when you spend time in your sunroom in the summer. Pick a fan that has an overhead light. That way, if you want a brighter light source for anything from spending time with the family to staying up late, you can have the option.

5. Find Comfortable Furniture

You should also look for furniture that can serve a purpose. Consider adding a low table and floor cushions if you want to have a date night with your sweetheart. Cooking at home can be a romantic experience, especially when you try a new recipe you can enjoy for the first time together. 

You want to make sure you have the right furniture for every situation and you don’t have to clutter your sunroom.

6. Have a Soft Playlist

While you shouldn’t entertain screens in your sanctuary, you can still have some entertainment. Low, soft music can help you feel at ease while relaxing in your favorite spot in the house. It could be just the therapeutic activity you need after a difficult day.

7. Surround Yourself With Green

Green is known as a calming color because it soothes the mind. You don’t necessarily need to paint a wall green in your room, but you can add green decorations to help you feel more comfortable in your sunroom. 

One of the best opportunities for decor is a plant. People who spend time with plants have less stress in their lives, meaning you and your plants can thrive in the sun.

Spend Time in Your Sanctuary

Your sunroom should be a room designated for your comfort. While you may not be able to control the chaos in other areas of the house, you should only allow certain things into your sunroom. 

Your guests should feel instantly comfortable in the beautiful room you’ve crafted — or, if you want to keep it all to yourself, it should be as relaxing as possible, without any screens. 

Over time, your sunroom will turn into the paradise you always wanted it to be.

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