Preview: “Love At The Christmas Contest” A Great American Christmas 2022 Premiere Movie


Kat Harlton
All media courtesy of GAC Family LLC

Samantha Cope & Ross Jirgl star in “Love At The Christmas Contest” a new, original movie premiering November 6 (8PM ET), on Great American Family as part of the network’s annual Great American Christmas programming event.

About The Movie:

For as long as she can remember, Angie’s favorite part of Christmas has been the Christmas Eve tree lighting in town square. But this Christmas, her first without her mom, Angie doesn’t feel much like celebrating… until she learns her mom had always dreamed of winning the annual tree decorating contest and seeing her tree lit up in town square. Angie realizes winning the contest and decorating the town’s tree is the perfect way to honor her mom. What Angie isn’t expecting is her high school sweetheart David and his adorable daughter Gabby to enter the contest, too.

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