An Early Morning Fall Visit To St. James’ Cemetery, Toronto’s Oldest Operating Cemetery


Photos: Tiffany Shum

St. James’ Cemetery and Crematorium, is Toronto’s oldest operating cemetery. Located on Parliment Street, just north of Wellesley, it opened in July of 1844, and is blessed with a rich history, beautiful grounds and the lovely and historic Chapel of St.-James-the-Less. 

The Chapel of St. James-the-Less is an important part of our Canadian cultural heritage and is unquestionably one of the finest examples of Gothic Revival church architecture in Canada.

Many notable Canadians are buried there including members of the Gooderham family (who owned a whisky distillery forming what is now known as the Distillery District), E.J Lennox the architect of Casa Loma, and many premiers, politicians and other well known figures.

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