Women In The Studio National Accelerator 2022: An Interview With Ocevnside Clvb

Kat Harlton

Music Publishers Canada’s Women in the Studio National Accelerator program advances the career development of talented women, gender fluid, non-binary and gender non-conforming producer-songwriters from across Canada.

First launched regionally in 2019 and expanded nationally in 2020, the Accelerator is designed to provide the cohort with opportunities for skills development and networking that they may otherwise be unable to access. The program offers  participants a series of curated workshops, educational sessions, and networking opportunities with music industry leaders. 

Participants will gain valuable insights from mentors and industry experts for the duration of the program starting with this summer through to December 2022. Sessions and workshops will take place virtually and in person, including a comprehensive program of development and networking opportunities in Toronto September 22-24, 2022.

The program will focus on topics including technical skills, financial literacy, music business skills, and branding and will offer opportunities for creative collaborations. Each producer, as a condition of acceptance, has also agreed to explore volunteer opportunities in their own community.

I had the opportunity to chat with Ocevnside Clvb (Anastasia Petrova), a Women In The Studio 2022 participant about why this program is important, what she looks forward to learning, and the biggest challenge she’s faced in the industry thus far.

Kat: What does it mean to you, to have been chosen as a participant for the Music Publishers Canada Women in the Studio National Accelerator 2022?

Ocevnside Clvb: It’s an honour! As a songwriter, to be recognized by an organization like Music Publisher’s Canada is pretty surreal. I feel lucky to be a part of such an insanely talented cohort, and look forward to growing together professionally over the course of the next couple of months. Huge thank you to Margaret McGuffin, Kim Temple, the Strut Entertainment team and everyone involved for facilitating such a fantastic program for women, non-binary and gender fluid creators to be seen and celebrated for their work.

Kat: Can you tell us about the creative work you do?

Ocevnside Clvb: That’s always a hard question to answer because I feel like anyone involved in audio tends to wear multiple hats – primarily I’m a songwriter/producer but I’m also a recording/mix engineer. I consider myself to be a project-based creator, meaning that when clients bring me songs and/or EPs or albums, I tend to be involved in every step of the process. 99% of the time I’m co-writing, producing, recording and mixing the entire project. Having spent a decade training in vocal performance and piano studies, I’m usually an artists’ vocal coach and session musician as well. It really just depends on the day. I guess I’m of the Max Martin “school of thought” in that I think of every project as an artist development opportunity, and so I tend to get involved in the big picture.

As for being an artist, I release music under Ocevnside Clvb. I actually just put out an album in June titled The Art of Heartbreak. Releasing personal material is sort of my outlet to create stuff without the limitations or boundaries that present themselves when being a creative vehicle for others. It gives me the opportunity to express myself and build my portfolio further.

Kat: The program focuses on topics including technical skills, financial literacy, music business skills, and branding and will offer opportunities for creative collaborations. What are you most looking forward to learning?

Ocevnside Clvb: I’m most excited about the collaborative aspect of the program. It’s hard enough to find other women in the industry, let alone to get the chance to create together! That being said, collaborating with Strut Entertainment and learning how to build a personal brand is also something I’m really looking forward to and something that I think will help me take my career to the next level.

Kat: What has been your biggest challenge thus far in the industry?

Ocevnside Clvb: In all honesty – being a woman. It goes without saying that in order to be really good at something, you have to make a lot of mistakes and to be willing to learn from them. I expect and always have expected challenges along the way, and so I look at every obstacle as an opportunity to learn and grow as a musician and as a person. Coming into this industry, I hoped that with my level of experience, passion for music and overall professionalism, my gender would have been insignificant; however, throughout my career, I’ve come to the realization that often, this unfortunately isn’t the case. At times, being in this business can feel a bit like a “boy’s club” where as a woman, I’ve felt that my male counterparts have unfairly questioned my credibility. With that being said, this has never stopped me and I don’t anticipate it ever will. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together and should be helping uplift each other instead of tearing each other down.

Kat: In an industry where males are often given more opportunities, do you have any advice for producers-songwriters who identify as women, gender fluid, non-binary or gender non-conforming?

Ocevnside Clvb: Treat everyone you meet with kindness, but don’t let them take advantage. There can be a sense of entitlement that comes with some men in the industry, whether that’s internship recruiters, colleagues or just musicians in general. What it comes down to regardless of gender though, is professionalism. If someone isn’t treating you or compensating you fairly, don’t be afraid to speak up. That “boys club” feeling can sometimes bring on imposter syndrome, leaving you to wonder if you’re good enough to be in the rooms you’re in, but always remember that you got there through hard work and dedication. You don’t have any more to prove than anyone else.

Kat: Tell us about what you’re working on the rest of 2022:

Ocevnside Clvb: There’s a few projects I can’t disclose just yet, but at the moment I’m working with Honey C and Post Office Sound on a few things, Lexah Reign and her two upcoming singles, collaborating with Prado Monroe, some Ocevnside Clvb releases, Mali Leona and I might rejoin forces and work on more music together… To say the least, I’ll be keeping busy.

Connect with Ocevnside Clvb on Instagram: @ocevnsideclvb

To learn more about the Women In The Studio program visit: https://www.musicpublisher.ca/women-in-the-studio-program

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