How Entrepreneurs Can Overcome 8 Early Challenges



You’re sure to encounter difficulties throughout your entrepreneurial journey, not just at the beginning. Still, some things standing in your way at the start may be more about self-doubt and self-consciousness than anything else. 

Try these remedies for eight issues you may have when starting out. You’ll feel better prepared for all the years and adventures to come.

1. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Your support group matters, especially when you’re first starting. If you surround yourself with people who don’t have your best interests in mind, you might not feel as empowered as you should and may begin to doubt your decisions. 

The perfect support group for you would be small and help you feel less isolated, so joining one made of other entrepreneurs is definitely encouraged. You may just find out that other people run into the same issues as you — and they can help you jump over the obstacles as you encounter them.

2. Try Meditation

Even five minutes of meditation a day could change your mindset and life. Meditating recenters your focus and allows your brain and body to be fully in the present. 

A few minutes can help you center yourself for the tasks ahead of you that day. It lets you realize your goals and figure out where to start. Most importantly, it can calm your brain of any anxious thoughts you may feel about your entrepreneurship journey.

3. Get Out In Nature

Another obstacle you may encounter is feeling too in over your head. There may never be a perfect time to start your own company, but you may begin to feel like you’ve done too much all at once. 

It can help to step out into nature. It’ll remind you just how small your problems are. Plus, you can take a loved one with you into the great outdoors and remind yourself that you’re not alone, no matter what.

4. Know The Reasons Behind Challenges

You’re bound to encounter some challenges when starting out. Pay attention to the issues other entrepreneurs run into, as you’re sure to deal with them yourself at some point. 

For example, labor shortages could delay your packages from being shipped. Staying aware of current trends and issues helps you bypass some of the difficulties that may come your way.

5. Look At Your Purpose

What compelled you to start on your journey as an entrepreneur? When all feels lost, look back at your why. Try to figure out what made you start on this journey. During tough times, this is what you will look back on to keep you moving forward. Examine all the progress you’ve made toward your goal so far. 

Looking into your why will help you overcome the obstacle of feeling like everything is useless. Once you see how far you’ve come, even if it’s just a few steps forward, you’ll understand the difference you’ve made.

6. Outsource The Small Things

You may feel like you have too much to do and such little time to do it. Every small business will outgrow its one employee eventually, and if you’re feeling too overwhelmed, it might be time to outsource some simpler tasks. 

One main reason even larger companies outsource work is to free up their time and decrease the amount spent on mundane tasks. You can do something as small as hiring a virtual assistant to help you schedule consultations or manage your professional inbox. Leave the more complex job for yourself — after all, you are the true expert on your work.

7. Listen To Inspiration

When times feel particularly hard, you may want to remind yourself that it’ll all pay off in the end if you continue working hard. Instead of listening to music while completing tasks or enjoying downtime, listen to inspirational books or podcasts by people you look up to. Find individuals in your industry who are leaders in the field. Then, you can follow their advice and learn more, no matter what else you may be doing at the time.

8. Practice Affirmations

Affirmations might sound silly at first, but they can actually work for anyone who follows them diligently. Focus on affirming yourself and your goals, whether verbally or by writing them down, and you may be able to manage stress and solve problems much easier than if you hadn’t concretely believed in yourself. Keep practicing affirmations until you truly believe what you’re affirming. Then, you’ll overcome the obstacle of feeling like you’re not good or qualified enough.

Keep Trying Until You Get It Right

Starting out as an entrepreneur takes a lot of courage. You must always be wary of your choices, as you never know how they could affect your business in the long run. Knowing some of these obstacles can help you avoid them when you approach them in the future. Whenever you fail, you can always get back up and try again. Trying is what makes you an entrepreneur.

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