Sarah Wickett Shares Thoughts On New Single “Good Friends” + More

Kat Harlton

Canadian country artist Sarah Wickett recently released her catchy new single “Good Friends” on June 24th via all streaming platforms. 

“Good Friends” is a country-rock track that contains a deeper dialogue that compares fake friends with the ones who always have your back. 

Sarah has done an impressive job at capturing the attention of country music fans worldwide, racking up a 120K followers across all social media platforms and over 800K career streams. She’s also had continuous success on TikTok, reaching almost 12 million views by promoting her music and catering to her South Asian listeners.  

Born and raised in Beaverton, ON, Sarah spent most of her time hunting, fishing and watching sunsets on the water, and was intertwined with a distinctly musical upbringing, surrounded by a family that shared her passion. At age 18, she moved from Beaverton to Toronto to enrol in the Journalism program at Humber College and became immersed in the musical city, further fuelling her determination to pursue her dream of making it in the music industry. 

Shortly after, Sarah began to turn her dream into a reality when she released her self-titled EP, launching her into the country music scene, and earning her showcases at Canadian Music Week and the Canadian Country Music Awards. This led to her sharing the stage with well-known artists such as Bobby Wills, Wes Mack and Robyn Ottolini and performances at incredible venues including The Opera House, Casino Rama, and fairs and festivals across Ontario.

Sarah continued to release more music, including her single “Accent”, which earned over 300,000 streams and her Desi-Pop Country tune “Momma’s Boy”, which made her the first North American country singer to record a bilingual (Punjabi / English) mashup and release a music video for it. She was also named the CMAO’s Artist of the month for their July edition. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Sarah about her new single, her favorite musical memories so far, and what’s next.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your new single “Good Friends”?

Sarah: I have never had a big group of friends, but I’ve always had a couple of best friends whom I spend most of my time with. I’m all about genuine connections and I feel like with a smaller group of friends, having deep and emotional conversations is easier. Having a big group of friends is something I’ve always wanted, but I wanted to write about my experience and how important it is to know there will always be people in your corner.

Kat: What do you hope fans take from the new song?

Sarah: Chase after whatever sets your soul on fire. If you are no longer happy in your job or in your relationship, don’t be afraid to leave and chase after what’s best for you. That goes for friendships as well. Sometimes you outgrow people and that’s okay. Surround yourself with like-minded people, who add value and joy to your life, and you will always be happy. 

Kat: You’ve shared the stage with some incredible artists including Bobby Wills, Wes Mack and Robyn Ottolini. Who are some other artists you’d love to perform or work with?

Sarah: I would LOVE to work with Maren Morris or Kane Brown. I feel like they have both paved a new lane for themselves in country music and I would love to follow in their footsteps.

PC: Dani Ayee

Kat: Now that we are getting back into live music, do you have any plans for upcoming shows?

Sarah: I have been focussing a lot on perfecting my live show and I am so excited to be getting out to play this summer. You can check out my website for upcoming shows ( 

Kat: What can we expect from you for the balance of 2022?

Sarah: I will be releasing a couple more songs before the year is over and I am extremely excited to get back on the road. There are so many songs I haven’t played live that I am SO stoked to finally get to play for my fans. 

Twitter: @SarahWickett 

Facebook: /SarahWickettOfficial

Instagram: @sarahhww 


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