7 Fun Ways To Enrich Your Work Life


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Work is only drab if you allow it to be that way. You can enjoy meaningful moments whenever you’re on the clock. You may feel like your day is dull, but you can brighten it up by trying a few techniques to take care of yourself. 

Investing in every area of your life will result in blessings tenfold — and that counts for your workplace, too. So, where should you get started? 

1. Look Out For Others

Your co-workers aren’t there to compete against you. Your workplace is like a family, meaning you need to look out for one another. Try striking up a conversation with someone you don’t regularly talk to in the office. You might be surprised at how much you have in common.

After you’ve built decent relationships with your co-workers, help them when you can. Take on extra work for them if your schedule is light and you can tell they’re struggling. Most people have someone they would consider a friend at work. Over time, you may get to share more about your lives with each other. Remember them on their birthday. Take time to get to know each other. You may just make a pal for life.

2. Plan Your Meals

How will you be able to focus on your work if you’re not properly nourished? Meal planning can ensure you have plenty of food cooked and boxed away for the week ahead. 

It also helps keep your budget on track and can be more cost-effective the longer you stick to it. Also, it gives you the chance to bring exciting food to work — stuff that will keep you full, not running for a vending machine.

3. Keep Something To Fidget With

You have to release your pent-up energy somehow. If you work at a desk, you likely sit most of your day, even if you would rather be up and moving. Having something to fidget with can help you stay focused on your tasks while scratching that itch to move. 

Whether you opt for a tiny toy or something like bicycle pedals under your desk, you’ll be content if you have a way to release your energy while diving into deep work.

4. Try Things Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes you have to do something outside your comfort zone to reinvigorate your passion for work. Consider trying classes in something you’ve always been interested in but haven’t found practical, like the maritime or engineering fields. These classes can teach you a lot and also help you find a new pastime or even a new career to work toward.

Look for new opportunities elsewhere if going back to school isn’t for you. Go with your family or friends to a new local restaurant you haven’t tried. See a movie in a different genre than what you’re used to. Never back down from trying something new — it could reset and refresh your brain, inspiring you to work harder toward your professional goals.

5. Make Better Decisions

When you decide to take on a responsibility, think of how it will benefit you in the long run. Were you in tune with yourself and your current mental state when you said yes to covering for someone? You have to consider yourself first when making decisions. Make sure you’re in the right headspace before volunteering to run an errand or take on extra work.

It’s OK to say no when asked to do something, especially if you feel swamped or stressed over everything you have to do already. Pause for a moment before making any commitments. Consider each option and weigh the positive and negative consequences before providing an answer.

6. Take Vacations

Take vacation time if you have it. You don’t need to go anywhere if you don’t want to — consider staying at home or in your city. Take time off from work when you need it. You should recognize the signs of burnout, such as near-constant fatigue and lowered motivation, and actively fight against them. You need to reset and heal yourself after working too much.

7. Advocate For Yourself

You are your biggest advocate. At work, you are your only advocate. You have to be the one to stand up for yourself when you feel you’re experiencing something unjust or feel you’ve been given too much work. No one will know how to help you if you don’t speak up.

A great way to prepare for standing up for yourself is to have your goals, values and ideas of success in mind. That way, you can truly know yourself and what’s best for your future. Push back against anything that disrupts those core values. Start setting boundaries if you have issues with co-workers. Create some ground rules so you can separate your work and home life.

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