Danielle Ryan Talks Debut EP “Middle Of The Madness”

Kat Harlton

Emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Danielle Ryan, recently released her debut EP Middle of the Madness on April 22nd via 604 Records and all streaming platforms.

The highly anticipated EP touches on the phases of falling in love, coming to terms with heartbreak, and being fully present in each moment. Danielle wrote every song on the 7-track EP, only taking help with arrangements and production from producer Brian Howes (Nickelback, Simple Plan) and a few other trusted collaborators – the longest-standing and most trusted of whom is in fact her brother, Brandon Severinski.

In addition to gearing up to release her EP, Danielle was also just announced as a SiriusXM Top of The Country semi-finalist. Danielle along with seven other artists will be heading to a studio session in Vancouver to audition to be one of three finalists and receive travel grants to create professionally recorded and mixed video and audio files of their performance. Then it’s over to the fans to vote who will be the top three finalists in the running for a mentorship opportunity of a lifetime.

I had the opportunity to chat with Danielle with about her new EP, writing every song on the album, and what’s next.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your new EP “Middle of the Madness”?

Danielle: At a time of complete uncertainty naming the EP “Middle of the Madness” felt self-evident. This compilation expresses endless emotions and what it feels like to be in the middle of it all. These songs were written for my sanity and I hope they can now be consumed for yours. There is a song for everything, from mad love to complete heartbreak along with stories of hope and happiness.

Kat: You wrote every song on the 7-track EP, what was your favourite song to write and why?

Danielle: It’s hard to choose because every song was written at a different time in my life and all hold a piece of me. I think “Weather Man” was my favourite to write because I had this idea to write a song about a “Weather Man” and it actually turned out how I wanted. So many times I’ll have an idea for a song but when I go to write it, it doesn’t turn out how I anticipated. “Weather Man” was easy to write and record, which is a win-win. 

Kat: You worked with producer Brian Howes and a few other trusted collaborators such as your brother Brandon Severinski. What was your experience like working with them on your debut EP?

Danielle: Brian did such an amazing job bringing these songs to life. He is such a great influence and grounded guy to work with. We spent close to 6 months perfecting these songs. Brian was as passionate about the project as myself and my brother were. Working with Brandon on my EP is so special. I really respect his opinion and songwriting skills which impact a lot of what I do. It’s cool to have someone who wants your songs, videos, EVERYTHING to truly strive to be the best. Brandon even helped me take the Middle of the Madness EP artwork out in the backyard. 

Kat: You were recently announced as one of eight SiriusXM Top of The Country semi-finalists. Can you talk about how it feels to be a semi-finalist?

Danielle: It is pretty awesome. I really was not expecting to be chosen and didn’t want to get my hopes up. So, getting to be a part of it was exciting news!! I can’t wait to record at the Warehouse Studio in Downtown Vancouver and all the other things that go with it!  

Kat: What can we expect from you for the balance of 2022?

Danielle: I have 3 things on the list and fingers crossed we can do it! #1 A tour. Getting to go out and play and meet people – that’s my favourite thing about being a musician! I love playing shows, and I like to talk too much. #2 An album. I know we’re still talking about the EP, but an album is in the works. I can’t wait to elaborate on what we have already started. #3 Merch. This might be a weird one… I don’t know! People ask me for it and where to get but I have never done it. So, it’s next on the list!

Connect With Danielle:

Website: www.danielleryanmusic.com

Twitter: @daniellemusic_

Facebook: /DanielleRyanMusic

Instagram: @danielleryanmusic

Tiktok: DanielleRyanMusic

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