7 Fun Ways To Upgrade Your Backyard


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There might still be snow on the ground, but things are warming up. How will you enjoy your outdoor living space this summer? 

Now’s the time to spruce up the homestead and doing so can enhance your property value and curb appeal. Since the pandemic, people have been more interested in quality outdoor living than ever. 

Here are seven fun ways to upgrade your backyard. 

1. Clear The Clutter 

If you still have a car up on blocks in your yard, it’s time to fix that puppy or let it go. You might have little choice depending on where you live. If your property lies within a homeowner’s association, the board could take measures to foreclose your home if you don’t clean up your lawn. 

Fortunately, most homeowners only need to worry about stray children’s toys strewn hither and yon. However, you can fetch a pretty penny if you have larger items. Many scrap yards will pay top dollar for metal from things that no longer work, especially given today’s supply chain issues. 

If you plan to keep your landscaping the same, it’s also time to rake those beds and aerate the lawn as soon as the final snow falls if you have cold season grass. Warm-season grasses are best aerated and fertilized in late spring to early summer. 

2. Xeriscape

However, you have landscape options that don’t require you to spend every weekend sweating over a crop — your lawn — that feeds nothing but bugs. Say yes to more leisure time and show your love for the planet by xeriscaping. 

What is xeriscaping? You might already know if you have ever lived somewhere like the desert southwest. It entails using native plants that require minimal water and maintenance and other natural features like stones to create a beautiful, manicured appearance that only needs sprucing up once a month or so — not every Saturday. 

3. Add A Deck Or Patio

If all you have to sit on outside is a concrete slab, you leave a bit to be desired in aesthetic appeal. You can transform your whole mood when you arrive home with an attractive outdoor living space consisting of an inviting deck or patio. 

Designer stone pavers and a railing can transform your slab. However, you’ll need to pour more concrete if you hope to enlarge the space, as the pavers alone aren’t sturdy enough to support your rail when placed on gravel or sand. 

4. Create An Outdoor Kitchen

If you have friends with COVID-19 concerns, you might have better luck coaxing them to a barbecue than a dinner party. Upgrade your backyard for the new entertainment craze by installing an outdoor kitchen. 

You can go all out or merely add accessories to your current grill setup to add bells and whistles. The right accessories — like tables for utensils, even a firepit popcorn popper — transform your outdoor living space into the place to be this summer. 

5. Add Lights — But See Stars

Summer nights call for illumination — but not too much. Light pollution leaves scant stars in some areas and contributes to the firefly disappearance.

Opt for soft, amber tones that are dark-sky compliant. String lights with dim bulbs create a romantic ambiance without making it impossible to see the Big Dipper with your telescope.

6. Add A Water Feature

If you have the cash, a pool or hot tub can add fun to your backyard like few other things. It may also save you on your cooling bills. The water drops your internal temperature, making your AC freeze you if you turn it down too low. 

You have more affordable options than a full inground install complete with a negative edge. Many homeowners choose to extend their decks to create a platform around an above-ground pool. Whichever you choose, please ensure you fence the space for safety — and to remain in compliance with the law.

7. Practice Your Putts

If you live for the links, installing a backyard putting green might cost less than you think. You can get a small model done for less than $3,000, although more elaborate setups will add to the sticker price. 

If golf’s not your thing, why not make your backyard fun by installing equipment for your favorite sport? You can also find portable volleyball nets and goals that let you stash your playthings away when you want a more manicured look for family photos. 

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