8 Unique Ways To Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day


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Cupid’s favorite holiday is right around the corner — how will you delight that special someone in your life? The right gift can show just how much you care.

However, that doesn’t mean maxing your credit cards or even opening your wallet. The most meaningful gifts come from the heart and might not cost a dime. Here are eight unique ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day.

1. Go Off-Grid

Are you and your partner guilty of replying “uh-huh” when the other speaks while your eyes stay glued to your cellphone screen? Take a holiday from your devices and reignite your togetherness by taking an off-grid adventure. It doesn’t cost a dime to camp in some remote areas, and many campgrounds cost less than $50 per night for tents.

However, if your beloved doesn’t enjoy roughing it, you still have no-signal options for leaving tech behind. For a bit more cash, you can reserve a spot at a top glamping resort and enjoy a comfortable stay in an Airstream or fully outfitted yurt.

2. Produce A Song

Who can forget the scene in “The Wedding Singer” when Adam Sandler wins Drew Barrymore’s heart at last by serenading her at 10,000 feet? You don’t need an airplane or Billy Idol to declare that you want to grow old with the one you love. What’s to stop you from booking some studio time to record a professional song?

If you live to play your guitar or the piano, put your skills to the test. When you book recording studio time, ask if the staff provides services like selecting the right microphones and positioning them perfectly for maximum sound quality. You’ll have a single that’s ready for professional release — or a private screening for your sweetie alone.

3. Plant A Garden

Flowers fade, dropping petals in less than a week. Instead, why not delight the one you love with a potted herb? Some varieties, like lavender, add fragrant blooms that don’t wilt to your kitchen.

Best of all, you can start this gift for free if you can find someone to give you cuttings, and you start in plenty of time. However, you’re better off looking for a colorful container and hitting the nursery this close to the holiday.

4. Pamper Them With A Spa Day

A spa day can make you both feel pampered while strengthening your bond. However, professional treatments cost a small fortune.

Instead, why not indulge them with a DIY spa day? You can make custom massage oil blends with a carrier like argan and your favorite essential scents. Clean dishpans or kitty litter boxes create perfect soaking tubs for pedicuring your tootsies. Complete your relaxing day by doing a yoga class together — you can find free workouts on YouTube.

5. Create Pottery Together

Who can forget the iconic scene in “Ghost” where Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore play with clay together? Why not recreate it with the one you love?

You don’t have to own a wheel or a kiln. Look up pottery studios near you and schedule a time for you and your sweetie to express your artistic sides.

6. Pimp Their Ride

Is your partner’s vehicle their pride and joy? If so, why not help them transform it into the high-tech custom ride of their dreams?

If they love their tunes, upgrading their stereo system lets them connect to their phone via Bluetooth, customizing their musical experience. Did you recently add a little to your family? A backup camera gives them extra peace of mind when backing out of the driveway. You could even reupholster their seats with leather, giving their ride a luxury feel.

7. Paint A Portrait

Do your artistic skills turn more to the canvas? Why not paint a professional portrait of the one you love?

If you’re afraid you can’t do their good looks justice, you can still delight them with a custom painting. Why not recreate your favorite vacation destination on canvas? Have your creation framed, so it looks perfect on your living room wall.

8. Write Them A Poem

Elizabeth Barrett Browning immortalized her husband, Robert, in verse. Why not do the same for the one you love?

You can combine this gift idea with another craft. For example, you could use calligraphy to pen your words on a watercolor painting or put your cross-stitch skills to the test by crafting a haiku on cloth.

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