Should You Get A Food Trailer Or Food Truck For Your Next Get-Together?


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There are so many fun options for feeding guests at your next event – from hiring a caterer with a five-course meal service to baking homemade desserts in your own oven. However, hiring a food truck or food trailer for your next get-together may be the most exciting option you can offer.

Outdoor catering services bring an irreplaceable sense of excitement and fun to an event. Food trucks and trailers can replicate the freshness of an outdoor market, feel more personal than a buffet line, and show guests that you went the extra mile to prepare for this party. 

Here’s everything you need to know about whether a food trailer or a food truck is better for your next get-together.

1. Remember Your Goals

Food trucks and food trailers are both excellent choices for catering, but their differences make them a better fit for different types of events. Food trailers are usually larger than trucks, which means they can have a larger menu and more kitchen space to make food faster. However, trucks are more mobile and fit better in smaller spaces. 

One of the biggest factors to consider when hiring a truck or trailer is how many people you need to feed. Mobile catering services can serve guests quickly, but it might take them over an hour to serve over 100 guests. You may want to hire a trailer or two food trucks if you want food for a large event. 

2. Consider Logistics

Another important consideration is the location of your event. If you are using a small space or meeting in a parking lot where other vehicles can park, a food truck makes more sense. Food trailers take more time to set up and are more difficult to park and move around during an event. 

Timing is another essential factor in your decision. Outdoor mobile catering is reminiscent of the wonderful feeling of wandering through an evening market, free of any concern for a schedule. However, unless eating at the food truck or trailer is your event, you will need to ensure people can be fed in a timely manner so that your event stays on track. 

3. Compare Prices

Pricing is another factor, and it will vary depending on many factors, including your location, the type of food you’d like to serve, how many guests you’re feeding, the date and time of your event, and which company you hire. 

Most food trucks and trailers charge $8–$30 a guest, which is a fairly low cost as catering goes. For instance, most wedding caterers charge around $68 a person per meal. However, food trucks that are well-known and in high demand may charge more for their services. 

4. Crunch The Numbers

Although $30 a guest may seem low, that amounts to $900 for just 30 guests. When you hire an outdoor mobile caterer, remember that you’re paying for their cost of goods, labor, and the time they devote to your event. Some food trucks and trailers may also charge an operating fee, require a minimum amount, or charge extra for travel. 

To determine the average prices in your area, call several local food trucks and trailers and ask about their cost of service and availability. In general, there is not a large difference between the cost of a food truck and the cost of a food trailer. You may be able to reduce the cost of catering service by limiting their menu at your event or booking them early. 

5. Get Creative

Although food trucks and trailers are generally considered a laid-back way to enjoy a meal, you can incorporate them into an elevated event for a creative twist. Toronto has incredibly diverse options for food, which gives you almost unlimited possibilities for how to incorporate outdoor mobile cuisine into your event. 

For instance, you could take your office mates to an elegant restaurant for dinner but then invite them to a beach bonfire with a food truck full of desserts afterward. You could also hire a food trailer to serve the meal at your wedding and have tables with elegant chargers and glassware for guests to sit at while enjoying their meal.

Hungry Yet?

The best way to decide which kind of outdoor mobile dining you’d like to hire is to consider your goals and ask which service would best fit the details of your event. At the end of the day, whether you rent a food trailer or a food truck, your guests will enjoy a unique event experience they’ll reminisce about for years.

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