Actor Karn Kalra Talks ‘Bachelor in Paradise Canada’, His Ideal Date + More


Kat Harlton

You may recognize actor Karn Kalra from his appearance as a contestant in the inaugural season of the hit spinoff series Bachelor in Paradise Canada airing on CityTV. Karn has also appeared in major film and television productions including Netflix’s Feel the Beat, The Hot Zone: Anthrax, Boyfriends of Christmas Past, and Green Book.

We had the opportunity to chat with Karn about his time on Bachelor In Paradise Canada, his ideal date, and what’s next.

Kat: You’ve appeared in many major film and television productions, how (if any) did being an actor prepare you for your time on Bachelor In Paradise Canada? 

Karn: Having set experience prepared me in a lot of ways but mainly being comfortable in front of a camera. That is key!

Kat: What have you learned from your time as a contestant in the inaugural season of the hit spinoff series Bachelor in Paradise Canada? 

Karn: I learned how to express my feelings and intentions without worrying about what I would look like. I learned how to open up and create new connections faster but most importantly I learned the value of fighting through your fears because at the end of the day, you’ll always have something to take from it.

Kat: What is the best relationship advice you’ve ever received? 

Karn: Over the span of my dating timeline, the most important things I’ve taken from strangers or friends is to always be yourself and don’t be afraid if the other person is not interested. If anything, you won’t live in regret wondering what may or may not have happened.

Kat: Who is the most famous person who’s followed you or slid into your DMs since being on “Bachelor In Paradise Canada”? 

Karn: Hmmmm, to be honest I haven’t had anyone really famous slide into my DM’s haha but I’ve certainly gotten a lot of non-famous people slide into my DM’s if that counts.

Kat: What would be your ideal date? 

Karn: My ideal date would start off with an intimate dinner on a rooftop overlooking the water while the sun is setting. Getting to know the person I’m interested in. Following by some dancing at a Spanish club haha. I love the music and vibe plus you get to see if your date has any moves. That’s definitely key.

Kat: What’s next? 

Karn: What’s next is hopefully a series regular in a Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO show. However, an even larger goal that I have been working towards for nearly 6 months and manifesting constantly is to play Chakra: The invincible for Marvel’s next superhero character. I’ve been getting my body prepared and getting my mind right. This is something I know I can do and if Simu Li, a Canadian actor can do it, I know I can. P.s He did an amazing job in Shang Chi and has inspired millions to keep pushing themselves and go after what you want.

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