Exclusive: Corey Sevier Shares Thoughts On New Holiday Movie “It Takes A Christmas Village”


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Corey Sevier and Brooke Nevin star in “It Takes A Christmas Village” a new, original movie premiering December 22 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Lifetime as part of the network’s annual It’s a Wonderful Lifetime programming event.

The movie will have it’s Canadian premiere on Super Channel Heart & Home December 4 (8 p.m. ET/PT).

About The Movie:

In order to make the town’s Christmas market a reality, Mayor Alex Foster (Brooke Nevin) must convince the reclusive Darcy Hawkins (Corey Sevier) to loan out his family’s historic mill, which is no easy task thanks to a long-running family feud. But as Alex slowly chips away at Darcy’s frosty exterior, their feelings grow beyond the interest of the town, leading this unlikely duo to the prospect of love.

We had the opportunity to chat with Director and star Corey Sevier about his role, what he hopes the audience connects with, and his favorite holiday memories.

Kat: Was there anything about your role that was particularly challenging?

Corey: One of the most challenging aspects of this film for me was the fact that I was acting and directing. Luckily, I was surrounded by an amazing team and actors I trusted implicitly. My wife wrote the script so I was able to pick her brain and spend lots of time with the character prior to shooting. The fun and challenge of playing “Darcy” was navigating this transformation from introverted recluse to fun loving romantic. Anytime you get to tackle a character arc like that is a lot of fun.

Kat: What do you hope the fans will take with them from the story?

Corey: First and foremost, you always hope that the audience will feel a sense of fun and escapism. Thematically, the idea of not letting your past define you runs prominently through the film, which I think is powerful message. Hopefully watching how these characters evolve and grow will be inspiring to the audience.

Kat: What was your favorite scene to shoot, and why?

Corey: There were so many fun scenes in this film. The tobogganing sequence was blast. It brought out the kid in everyone on set. I also really enjoyed shooting the Christmas choir sequence. The music, the lighting and the actors created such a magical atmosphere on set.

Kat: Do you have a favorite holiday treat?

Corey: Hmm. Lots of great holiday treats. But I’d have to say shortbread cookies for me!

Kat: What would be your ideal holiday party?

Corey: Nothing fancy. Just a cozy place to spend time with friends and family. Throw in some great food, board games and a classic holiday movie – I’m there!

Kat: What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Corey: This may sound cheesy, but my son was born in December. Hard to think of a better gift than him. It’s made every Christmas since that extra special.

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