Exclusive: Brooke Nevin Shares Thoughts On New Holiday Movie “It Takes A Christmas Village”


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Brooke Nevin and Corey Sevier star in “It Takes A Christmas Village” a new, original movie premiering December 22 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Lifetime as part of the network’s annual It’s a Wonderful Lifetime programming event.

The movie will have it’s Canadian premiere on Super Channel Heart & Home December 4 (8 p.m. ET/PT).

About The Movie:

In order to make the town’s Christmas market a reality, Mayor Alex Foster (Brooke Nevin) must convince the reclusive Darcy Hawkins (Corey Sevier) to loan out his family’s historic mill, which is no easy task thanks to a long-running family feud. But as Alex slowly chips away at Darcy’s frosty exterior, their feelings grow beyond the interest of the town, leading this unlikely duo to the prospect of love.

We had the opportunity to chat with star Brooke Nevin about her role, what she hopes the audience connects with, and her favorite holiday memories.

Kat: Was there anything about your role that was particularly challenging?

Brooke: One of my favorite parts about “It Takes A Christmas Village” was that we filmed it in wintertime with real snow on screen which was gorgeous but it also meant that it was below freezing for most of the shoot. And by below freezing, I mean -14 degrees Celsius with the windchill. There were mini icicles forming on the eyebrows of our crew members. I had to sip warm tea between takes just so I could articulate my dialogue because my mouth was frozen! So that was honestly the biggest challenge during the shoot, trying not to shiver while performing through a polar vortex!

Kat: What do you hope the fans will take with them from the story?

Brooke: There’s a moment in the film where Darcy’s grandmother counsels him to not let the past stand in the way of his future. I think that sentiment is one that’s especially poignant during the holidays and the strength of that counsel lies in a willingness to be vulnerable and have the courage to move forward without knowing the outcome. Both Darcy and Alex choose not to hold onto past grievances because they envision a brighter future for their community. In doing so, they connect in a way that leads to their own personal journeys of healing and ultimately joy. I hope fans will take with them the value of moving past assumptions and leaning into the power of connection to achieve a goal because sometimes it really does take a village. 

Kat: What was your favorite scene to shoot, and why?

Brooke: We had a whole afternoon to film a tobogganing sequence and I felt like a kid the entire time! 

Kat: Do you have a favorite holiday treat?

Brooke: Apple pie à la mode will always be top on my list of holiday treats. It’s followed closely by pumpkin pie à la mode and strawberry rhubarb pie à la mode. Are you picking up on a theme here?

Kat: What would be your ideal holiday party?

Brooke: Any gathering that includes an ironic display of holiday fashion (the uglier the sweater the better), a potluck of home-cooked food, and a musically inclined guest at a piano who can lead revelers in an impromptu caroling session because there’s really no other time of year to throw down my middle-school choir harmony skills.

Kat: What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Brooke: There was one Christmas where I couldn’t make it home for the holidays so my boyfriend set up and decorated a tree for a Christmas morning surprise. I loved that tree.

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