Kaiya Gamble Talks New Single “I’m In It”, Kaiya Live + What’s Next

Kat Harlton

14-year-old singer-songwriter Kaiya Gamble recently released her sophomore single “I’m In It” on November 5 via all streaming platforms. 

“I’m In It” is about falling in love for the very first time and showcases Kaiya’s vocal and emotional capability that is well beyond her years. It’s an upbeat track with a catchy melody, rich piano and groovy percussion. The song was recorded at CCMA-nominated state of the art recording facility, OCL Studios, and produced by JUNO award-winning producers, Spencer Cheyne (Mackenzie Porter, Leaving Thomas, Jocelyn Alice) and Justin Kudding (Brett Kissel). 

Following the single release, Kaiya is bringing to life KAIYA LIVE, a streaming concert conceptualized by Kaiya herself that will work to raise awareness and donations for various organizations that are close to her heart including WickfestA Sound Life and CINIM. The concert was filmed at Production World in Edmonton, AB and will be available exclusively on Kaiya’s Official YouTube channel on Saturday, November 20, 2021, at 7pm MDT / 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT.  

Kaiya will be joined by the band members of CCMA & JUNO award-winning country superstar, Brett Kissel (Justin Kudding, Brendan Waters, Greg Williamson and Brennan Wall). Viewers can expect to see her perform “I’m In It,” her international award-winning single “Speak Out,” as well as many other uplifting songs. Kaiya hopes to deliver joy and sunshine to everyone who tunes in.

We had the opportunity to chat with Kaiya about her new single, Kaiya Live, and what’s next.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your new single “I’m In It”? 

Kaiya: Of course! When we wrote “I’m In It,” we were inspired by the feeling of falling in love for the very first time. That was something I experienced when I first started music five years ago – I was a newbie but was loving it more than anything. I wanted to capture that essence of innocence in a really fun way!

Kat: What do you hope listeners take away from the song? 

Kaiya: I find the best songs are the ones you can relate to in a real way. I really hope fans can go away from listening and say, “Oh my gosh, I’ve totally felt that before!” Everyone has had a first time falling in love with something or someone, so if this song reconnects them with those memories I will be really thrilled!

Kat: What do you find is the most challenging part of your creative process? 

Kaiya: For me, I’d say writing from a really honest place is something I’m still working on. The thing about being almost 15, is that I haven’t had as much life experience as other musicians in the industry. So, I’m just continuing to learn more about who I am each day, and that helps me be more transparent and truthful in my songs than I was two years ago. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m excited to do so! 

Kat: Tell us about your upcoming concert Kaiya Live! 

Kaiya: Oh my gosh I am so pumped for this concert! Kaiya Live is a free online benefit concert to spread positivity, love and raise awareness for three amazing organizations: Wickfest, A Sound Life, and CINIM. The concert was born out of COVID when I had to watch my parents, who are frontline workers, risk their lives each day. I wanted to give back, and I hope this concert will do that. The set list is filled with uplifting covers and my originals too! I was so grateful to have the incredibly talented musicians from Brett Kissel’s band back me up. It’s being streamed on YouTube, November 20 at 7 pm MST! It’s the first concert I’ve put on, I’m so proud of it, and I cannot wait to raise some spirits and awareness! You can find more info on the show at kaiyalive.com :) 

Kat: As we approach the New Year, what’s next for you?

Kaiya: I have a few more singles in the works! I am always so excited to release my own songs. There’s talk of music videos which are always so much fun to shoot. I’m also hoping to start getting back into the groove of live shows after two years of not being able to perform. And I especially can’t wait to perform “I’m In It” in front of a live crowd! That’s something I am 1000% looking forward to. Also, continuing my artistry. Writing more, recording more, and sharing my stories with as many people as possible. 

For more on Kaiya visit: https://kaiyagamble.com

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