7 Fun & Healthy Ways To Enjoy Fall


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Fall is a season of change, one that marks the transition from summer to winter and celebrates abundance, balance and harmony. As such, it offers plenty of fun opportunities to spend time together as a family and have some fun. 

Break a sweat and burn off the calorie-rich comfort food with the following activities. Maybe some of them will become new fall traditions!


1. Plant Your Fall Garden

Winter is coming, and most of the plants in your summer garden probably won’t survive. Luckily, there are quite a few vegetable varieties that thrive during the colder months. Still, you must plant the seeds now if you want a bountiful harvest in early spring.

Sow seeds for leafy greens like kale and collard greens or plant onion bulbs that can be harvested through the winter and spring. Tilling, digging, and planting will burn a few calories and set you up for success in the kitchen come spring.

2. Rake Some Leaves

Many Toronto natives have fond childhood memories of raking leaves and jumping into big crunchy piles. Why not recreate those memories with your own kiddos? Grab some rakes and go to town on your yard!

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can rake your neighbor’s yard, too! Build huge piles and take turns running, falling, and jumping into them. You’ll never have so much fun breaking a sweat, and a clean lawn is just icing on the cake.

3. Cook Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Want comfort food without the calories? Put the fall harvest to good use and make some delicious and nutritious seasonal recipes. Squash, leafy greens, and grains are in abundance and you can make dozens of healthy soups, salads and entrees out of them. You can even put a healthy spin on fall favorites like stew and lasagna. That way, everyone can still indulge in pumpkin pie and spiced lattes without feeling too guilty.

4. Visit An Apple Orchard

Apple orchards offer fun for the whole family. Toddlers can climb hay bales, ride ponies and feed farm animals. Meanwhile, older kids can release some energy by climbing trees and picking apples. Venture into a corn maze if you really want to boost your step count and make unforgettable fall memories.

Remember to eat plenty of apples and purchase some fresh produce while you’re there, too. Just try to steer clear of the donuts and cider — best of luck!

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5. Go Camping

Autumn is the perfect time to go camping because it’s not too hot and not too cold. Get outside and enjoy the fall colors while you set up tents and hammocks. Pack your hiking boots and traverse a few trails or bring your bikes and hit the pavement. 

If you plan on getting really sweaty, a battery-operated shower system will come in handy. Pack plenty of healthy snacks to help you refuel and go even further.

6. Play Ball

Football might be the most popular sport to watch and play during the fall season. Form a team and play pick-up games at the local high school or park. You can also try kickball, frisbee golf, baseball and softball.

Don’t have a field nearby? Construct your own and install fencing to protect spectators and players alike. Whether you coach, ref or play, you’re sure to have fun and get in shape!

7. Start A Gratitude Journal

Fall is a season of gratitude and thanksgiving, both of which can have a positive effect on your health and well-being. Boost your immune system, improve your relationships and cultivate a more optimistic outlook, all by giving thanks.

Count your blessings and record them in a gratitude journal to make gratitude a habit. Whether you’re thankful for rhubarb pie or the roof over your head, those positive thoughts are sure to leave you happier and healthier than before.

Finding More Fall Fun

If you’re looking for even more opportunities to stay fit and enjoy the season, peruse the local paper or join a community event Facebook group to stay informed. Your city’s park system will likely host a plethora of fun fall activities, too, so remember to visit often and speak to a ranger to learn about upcoming events. As long as the activity is fun and healthy, everyone’s sure to have a good time!

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