Your Complete Fall Road Trip Checklist


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There are few better ways to enjoy fall than by watching the leaves change outside your car window. If you’re planning a road trip this season, you have so much to look forward to — but make sure you’re prepared before you set off.

3 Ways To Prepare Your Car

Make sure your car is properly maintained before you drive off. It’s vital to be in prime condition for the long road ahead.

1. Get an Oil Change

One of the best ways to ensure your car’s quality is to change its oil. Typically, oil changes should occur after around 3,000 miles, but you should consider the length of a trip and the age of your car. 

2. Deal With Any Issues

Those lights flashing on your dashboard need to be taken care of before you leave on your trip. Listen to your gut and ask a trusted professional about any worries before hitting the road.

3. Check Your Tires

Your tires are crucial to your journey. Balancing them before leaving can give you a smoother ride and extend their life, which is vital on a long road trip. Similarly, knowing basic processes like identifying a flat tire and minimizing your risk while driving on one if needed can save your life.

3 Essentials For The Trip

These things might seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook one or two necessities. It’s better to have them and not need them.

1. Extra Warmth

Cars might have heat, but sometimes, they do little to keep the cold at bay. 

You should prepare yourself by bringing some of the following: 

  • Pillows and blankets to keep you warm at night
  • Jackets and sweaters to add extra layers of warmth when needed
  • Hand warmers in case you travel north to a chillier area

Keeping extra warmth on you is a great decision, especially if you’re travelling to a colder climate you’re not familiar with.

2. Ample Snacks

It’s important to snack on the right things so you get all the nutrients you need. 

Try out some of these snacks that can satisfy your cravings: 

  • Assorted nuts for a salty and healthy option
  • Water to ensure your hydration
  • Popcorn for a tasty snack lower in calories
  • Candy to provide some extra sugar when needed

Popcorn might be the most filling snack, plus it’s relatively healthy and easy to keep in your car. Figure out a clever way to store your food items so they aren’t spread all over the backseat.

3. First-Aid Kit

You can never predict when someone might get hurt or sick while travelling.

You can buy a premade kit or make your own using supplies like these: 

  • Bandages for cuts and scrapes
  • Gauze in case someone is wounded
  • Safety pins to hold wound dressings together

You’ll need more than just those items in your kit, but they are important staples to include. You should also ensure everything is within their use-by dates before leaving.

3 Tips To Keep Organized

You have limited space in a car. Here’s how to keep your small area clean without much stress.

1. Keep Cleaning Supplies

Cars can get messy fast, especially when you’re spending a lot of your time in one. Keeping materials on hand to deal with messes as they arise will help you in the long run. 

Here are some must-haves to keep your car clean: 

  • Disinfectant wipes for any issues that raise health concerns
  • Microfiber cloths to quickly mop up any spills
  • Handheld vacuum to take care of pesky crumbs that stick around after a snack

You’ll find that keeping these and other cleaning supplies around can save you from more messes than you can count.

2. Know Where the Necessities Are

When you go on a road trip, you must ensure everything you need can fit safely in your car. You don’t want to forget anything you may need miles down the road.

Consider including some of these necessities: 

  • Car manual in case you run into an issue you’re not sure how to deal with
  • Paper maps in case you encounter an area with no service
  • Charger adapters for devices you may need to charge while driving

You’ll find your must-haves much quicker in a pinch if you know exactly where they are. You should also ensure you have navigational material when technology doesn’t work and something to help with car troubles.

3. Scrapbook the Journey

Opting for a digital scrapbook can be safer than dealing with paper in a moving vehicle. Most scrapbookers opt for organizing their photos digitally, and an app might allow you to transfer your images into a book to share with loved ones. You don’t need to start scrapbooking right away, but keeping one can help the memories live on.

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