Indulging In The Art Of Afternoon Tea At Louix Louis On The 31st Floor Of The St. Regis Hotel, Toronto

Kat Harlton

Photos: Tiffany Shum

We spent a Sunday afternoon indulging in the art of afternoon tea at Louix Louis. Sitting atop the St. Regis Hotel, Toronto and soaring 31 stories above the glittering Toronto skyline, Louix Louis is inspired by the city’s history as one of the world’s largest distillery districts at the turn of the 19th century. 

Our afternoon tea experience included a box of tea selection scent samples. Toronto-based Sloane Fine Tea Merchants has curated an impeccable selection of fine teas including a bespoke blend made exclusively for the St. Regis Hotel, named Midnight Blossom.

Inspired by Mrs. Astor, Midnight Blossom pays tribute to her iconic galas where only a handful of her 400 notable guests would be invited to join her afterwards for a highly coveted dinner at midnight, known as the Midnight Supper. Midnight Blossom captures at once the actual flowers used around her residence, the exotic woods of the ballroom, the potted palms and apple blossoms that lined the hallways, and the light crisp essence of champagne wafting through the crowds.

We also enjoyed a selection of buttermilk and raisin scones, tea sandwiches, and of course desserts. Our favorites included the coronation chicken (raisin, apricot, curry chicken salad, and sliced almonds on a brioche bun), the baked peach & yogurt pannacotta and the raspberry, honey & lavender tart.

We enjoyed a glass of prosecco with ours, as well as a beautiful, non-alcoholic cocktail made just for us, by request.

For more information on the St. Regis Hotel’s tea experience or to book a reservation, visit:

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