3 Ways To Support The Canadian Beer Industry


Kat Harlton

Lead Photo: Tiffany Shum

“Beer brings Canadians together, and it’s been a part of our country’s culture and communities for generations. The last 18 months have been a challenging time for Canadians and businesses, specifically those in hospitality and tourism, making beer’s role in bringing friends and family together more important than ever,” said Dana Miller, Interim Director, Communications and Engagement for Beer Canada.

Canadian brewers directly employ over 19,000 Canadians, and approximately 149,000 jobs across Canada’s hospitality, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing sector are supported by the production and sale of beer.

Celebrate the beverage Canadians love, and the positive contributions brewers make to local communities across the country throughout the year, with our list of ways to support below:

1. Post a photo of your favourite Canadian-made beer or brewery on social media. Make sure to tag them properly, and check out their social media posts for hashtags to use as well.
2. Support your local brewery, pub, or restaurant and enjoy Canada-made beer. Whether it’s delivery, takeout, curbside pickup, or safely in-person at your local establishment. Find a brewery near you here: https://canadianbeerday.ca/find-your-brewery
3. Support diversity in the Canadian Beer industry. Many Canadian breweries offer specialty beers, ciders and other merch supporting diverse causes throughout the year like Pride and Black Lives Matter. There are also many Canadian breweries and brew-pubs owned, operated or ran by women.

For more visit: https://canadianbeerday.ca

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