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Are you looking to upgrade your home? The rustic aesthetic is trending, and you only need to change a few things to transform your entire interior. Once you have a vision in mind, you can slowly begin executing your plans to make your vision a reality.

Amateurs can do some upgrades, but others should be given to trusted professionals to ensure your project is done correctly and you don’t accidentally injure yourself. Similarly, you can find rustic items in stores that can become statement pieces.

Everyone’s style is different, but a few pieces can be considered typical to the rustic look. You should strive for a natural feel and accentuate colours and features to radiate beauty from the inside out. These suggestions are just a few of the many ways you can make the rustic style work for you.

1. Add Wood Panels

Shiplap has become a popular trend. It adds an accent to your walls and is a welcome change from flat colour. Adding texture to the inside of your house can go a long way from both a design and aesthetic perspective. Shiplap walls or features are typically painted white, but you can still create a tasteful rustic look with the wood’s natural colour.

2. Use Stone Backsplash

Upgrading your kitchen’s backsplash is an excellent way to add atmosphere to your home without committing to a significant renovation. Stone is a perfect choice for an interior accent because it’s eco-friendly and free of harmful chemicals that could harm people and the environment.

3. Tackle DIY Projects

Any DIY projects involving natural wood, whether planks or pallets, can help your home feel rustic and effortlessly beautiful on a budget. You can research online to find DIY projects repurposing different materials that typically wouldn’t be used in the house. Eventually, you’ll start thinking of your own.

4. Hide Storage in Plain Sight

Wicker baskets are every bit useful as they are decorative. They can add to the rustic feel because they are all-natural and complement wood. You can hide blankets or store kitchen or bathroom supplies in them. Plus, they can neaten up the clutter in your cabinets.

5. Build a Chicken Coop

If you want your home features to function and look rustic, consider building your own chicken coop. Raising chickens won’t be an easy task, but you’ll get a great reward in the form of eggs. Just remember that pest-resistant lumber is a must when building your ideal chicken coop, as you don’t want to deal with invaders while you’re focused on other projects.

6. Pick the Right Paint

For a rustic feel, you’re going to want more natural colours that resemble earth tones. Bold, bright shades will detract from the aesthetic appeal you’re going for. For example, white can inspire tranquillity, but vibrant reds can be stimulating and possibly make it difficult to relax.

7. Change Your Wardrobe

Invest in a wardrobe that reflects rural life. For example, though they may be difficult to break in, keeping a pair of leather boots by the front door can give your guests a sample of the rustic atmosphere they’ll feel in the rest of the house.

8. Repurpose Antiques

Giving new life to antiques is a great way to make your home feel rustic. You can turn an old dresser into a desk or swap out knobs for handles. Mix and match old and new to spruce up your home with a modern rustic feel.

9. Embrace Natural Wood

Wood is essential to the rustic style. If you have any places where natural wood is exposed in your home, don’t cover it up. Instead, find a way to work it into the rest of your decor. You may choose to purchase furniture made of wood or with wooden elements. These could tie in nicely to exposed beams or columns that are made of natural materials.

10. Build a Fireplace

A fireplace provides less warmth than a wood stove, but if you don’t plan on using it to heat your house, it can be an aesthetically pleasing option for your rustic home. Fireplaces can make you feel closer to nature, even if you’re surrounded by civilization. You can cuddle up in front of it in the winter and roast marshmallows or camp out in the living room and pretend you’re in the woods.

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