6 Ways To Make A Memorable Impression On Guests


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You’ve done it. You have a great place to call home, decorated in your style, and now it’s time to invite guests over for the first time. Whether you’re hosting a housewarming party or letting family stay overnight, you want to impress your guests.

So, how do you leave a memorable impression? 

The Best Ways to Wow Guests in Your Home

Odds are good that if you’re inviting guests over to see your home, you have a relatively strong relationship. They’re going to love your home no matter what, whether they’ve seen it before or have arrived for the very first time.

Still, if you want to add that extra pop that will capture any guest’s attention, there are a few choices you can make to let your home stand out from the norm.

1. Provide Spare Toiletries

A toothbrush is the most commonly forgotten item among traveling adults. Instead of letting them go out to buy another toothbrush, why not provide one for them in the bathroom they’ll be using?

For guests staying overnight, including small toiletries that they may have forgotten, like a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and so on, can impress them and make a difference in your perceived hospitality as a host.

2. Decorate Your Entryway

Use plants to your advantage to accentuate your door. If you have a house, decorating the sidewalk leading to your door is necessary to command others’ attention. Setting out plants that can catch eyes without being in the way is essential, as it adds color and a natural element to your space.

You can also choose to include a bold wreath or sign on your door. Start strong at the entrance, and you’ll make an excellent first impression that will flow inside.

On the inside, you may have a bench or a coat rack where guests can stop and get their belongings in order before they continue into the rest of your home. Guests can remove their shoes, coats, and hats and put them in the appropriate places. Having a space that divides your entrance from the rest of your home will help your guests make the transition more easily.

3. Use Art As A Focal Point

Decorate your walls to please yourself and your guests. Bare walls seem cold and uninviting, but walls with artwork intricately placed in rooms make for excellent statement pieces that encourage discussion between you and your guests.

Art, collectibles, and other showpieces can appreciate value over time. For instance, the most expensive Pokémon card has gone for over $200,000, so just think of how an original work from an artist can appreciate over time. Art is an investment, and picking out the perfect pieces for your home will allow you to decorate your space with artwork you love that suggests earning money on your investment as time goes on.

4. Adopt Minimalism

A cluttered space means a cluttered mind. Less is best, after all. Clutter doesn’t help you stress less, and it doesn’t look impressive to your guests, either. You can donate old objects you don’t need, such as books or other knick-knacks that are just taking up space. Having less clutter in your home will make it look cleaner, too.

5. Become A Master Mixologist

Luckily, you don’t need a complete bar to wow your guests with a plethora of mixed drinks. As long as you know drink recipes, you can work with a small bar cart that you can store away in your kitchen when you’re not using it. Fun drinks that can be shared by many, like Moscato lemonade or creamsicle punch, would be a surefire hit among your guests.

6. Stick With a Style

Interior designs are meant to be followed, not all mashed together! While a blend of different styles can look good together, if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your home cohesive with a single theme, you should stick to one design.

Industrial is the top search among interior design styles in the United States. Choosing a popular style can help you express yourself in a way that pleases your eyes and the eyes of your guests.

Creating Your Dream Home Interior

The interior of your home should be for you, first and foremost, but you can still implement pieces that you think would stand out to guests, such as ornate art or a fully stocked bar you can tend to with your skills. Sticking to a design or simply providing your guests with amenities for the duration of their stay can make a massive difference.

With just a few standout pieces, you can transform your home from something ordinary into something beautiful, unique, and welcoming.

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