Should Your Next Party Be Indoors Or Outdoors?


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The world is opening up again, and you’re finally ready. It’s time to party! One question might be burning in your brain, though. Should you opt for an indoor party or an outdoor party? 

Neither one is greater than the other, and they both have benefits that will please any crowd you plan to invite. So, what should you consider? 

All About the Indoors

With indoor parties, you have the most control over the inside of your home, and plenty of decorations are made just for indoors. Even if you choose not to decorate, you can wow your guests with the usual decor of your space. Hosting an indoor party is a great way to show off how you live.

1. Great for All Seasons

Thanks to temperature-controlled air, you can host an indoor party at any point during the year. In the summer, you can even host a combination indoor-outdoor party but have most of the fun activities in your air-conditioned home. Similarly, in the winter, guests can experience the season’s sights like snow flurries and gray skies while being in the warmth.

Cons: Some of your guests may want to be outside if it’s a warmer season. If you have a lot of guests inside, your house is bound to get warmer, and some of them may complain about the heat.

2. Closer to the Kitchen

The pandemic has driven people to cook more. In a survey, some 54% of people stated they’ve been cooking more since the pandemic began. Since the kitchen is inside, you don’t have to worry about food getting cold and can serve it right from the oven to the table.

Cons: If your home is small, you might find that cooking for a while makes your space hotter. You’ll also be spending more time in the kitchen than with your guests.

3. Utilizing Indoor Games

Who says you have to be outside to play games together? If your friends fancy some fun, you could buy a gaming table to put in your home, giving your guests the option to play foosball or air hockey. They take up less space than an outdoor setup and offer some variation beyond cornhole!

Cons: They will take up space in your home, so game tables aren’t recommended for smaller apartments or homes where they’d be detrimental to navigate around.

4. Cleanup Is a Breeze

One of the main advantages of an indoor party: You won’t have to chase after plates and cups outdoors. You won’t constantly be patrolling around for something to throw away or take back to the kitchen. Since the inside of your home is more confined, you’ll have eyes on serving items and can run them to the kitchen quite easily.

Cons: Having the mess in your line of sight might compel you to clean more than socialize.

Taking the Party Out Back

If the weather allows, you’ll want to host a party outdoors. With more space than the inside of a home, you can host a backyard bash that any guest would be excited to attend. What’s better than breathing in fresh air while catching up with friends?

1. Better Gathering Space

Outdoors, you don’t have to worry about talking from different rooms or floors. It’ll be easier for you to communicate with others since everyone will be in the same space instead of different rooms. 

Cons: If you’re spread out, it might be hard to hear others. Backyards can be large, and unless you have one space for people to gather, they might end up dispersing.

2. Grilling Is Quick

Making hamburgers and hot dogs or sausages is much faster than cooking a whole meal right before the party. It’s easy to cook on the grill in batches, whereas your space inside may limit how much of any given food you can make.

Cons: If plans change, you might have to move indoors and think of a backup menu. Keep an eye on the weather leading up to your event to avoid running into this problem!

3. Utilize Outdoor Decor

If you’re on a tight budget, you can find outdoor decor for cheap. Transforming your space with something as minor as hanging strand lights can make your outdoor space seem entirely different. Adding outdoor decorations can be the icing on the cake for a themed party.

Cons: You have to keep aware of potential dangers with decorations, such as flammable items getting too close to a heat source. While using lights, you should also keep in mind the darkest areas that pose a threat, like stairs or pathways.

4. Adheres to COVID-19 Guidelines

Outdoor spaces are always safer when it comes to the risk of disease transmission. While indoor spaces may be cramped with less air circulating, outdoor spaces allow the air to flow freely to lessen the risk of someone in attendance catching COVID-19.

Cons: None here! Following your area’s current guidelines will always pay off.

Choose Your Space Wisely

Both indoor and outdoor parties can be effective, but where you choose to have your next party can depend on what you have planned for the evening and the weather you’re expecting. 

Choosing your party location could also boil down to you knowing what your guests would appreciate. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to have an exquisite party that will keep your friends talking for months to come!

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