9 Road Trip Destinations For A Tour Across The US


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If you spent most of the past year or so staring at the same four walls, you aren’t alone. With the arrival of the COVID vaccine, it’s now time to reclaim your wanderlust and hit the open road. 

So, where should you go? Here are nine road trip destinations for a tour across the U.S. that won’t leave you disappointed. 

1. Dearborn, Michigan 

Why not begin your journey with a trip back in time? Visit Dearborn, MI, where you can tour the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Wander among colonial buildings and marvel at Civil War reenactments in Greenfield Village while sampling what it was like to travel by horse-drawn carriage. Enjoy tea and biscuits at Cotswold Cottage in the Village center. 

The Henry Ford Museum is the place to learn about the history of much more than the automobile. You’ll also gain insight into how people made the first microprocessors and mobile homes we find everywhere today. 

2. Boston, Massachusetts 

Continue your trip through the nation’s yesteryear by strolling the same cobblestone streets that America’s founding fathers once walked. Boston, MA, is home to some of the oldest historical buildings in the United States for folks who dig architecture. 

It’s also a hop, skip and a jump away from other sites of interest, such as Salem. Check the fluids, including a battery load test, and spend the weekend exploring all New England has to offer. Schedule your trip for the early fall and take advantage of the spectacular autumn foliage for photo ops. 

3. Roanoke, Virginia

What happened to the lost colony of Roanoke? Perhaps you can help solve the mystery when you book this destination on your summer or fall road trip. 

The Outer Banks make a spectacular destination for those looking to explore east coast scenery. You can drive onto the island via U.S. Highway 64 and explore the historic waterfront. Stop for dinner at one of the memorable restaurants. 

4. Orlando, Florida 

What road trip across the U.S. is complete without a visit to the nation’s most famous mouse? You’ll find plenty to do in Orlando besides going to Disney World.

Explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. Catch a dolphin show at SeaWorld. You’ll also find no end to shops, museums and restaurants. 

5. Branson, Missouri

Start your trip westward with a visit to Branson, MO. If you didn’t yet get your fill of theme park and aquarium fun, spend a day at Silver Dollar City, followed by a visit to the Aquarium at the Boardwalk. 

Are you in the mood for more adventure? Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park will have you ziplining through the trees. If you’re a gaming fanatic, hit Beyond the Lens! for an inside look at how top-of-the-line gaming systems are made. 

6. Austin, Texas  

The motto of this city is “Keep Austin Weird.” You’ll find everything you need, from exotic restaurants to exciting shows to indulge your unusual tastes. 

When you need to get out of your car and stretch your legs, explore the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike. You’ll circumnavigate Lady Bird Lake, giving you a tour of the city center. 

7. Breckenridge, Colorado 

From Austin, proceed further westward to Breckenridge, Colorado. While you might want to save this hotspot for closer to the ski season, you’ll find plenty to explore in this picturesque mountain town all year. 

The town is home to Colorado’s largest historical district, making it another hotspot for folks who enjoy stepping back in time. Stroll Main Street, home to over 200 shops that sell unique, locally produced items to wow your recipients back home. 

8. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Any credible trip across the U.S. includes a stop at the Grand Canyon, one of the nation’s most iconic natural wonders. Most visitors flock to the South Rim, but you explore the more remote North Rim if you book your reservations early — as much as a year in advance. 

While on your driving tour of AZ, why not get your kicks on historic Route 66? Stop by the picturesque mountain town of Sedona to rest from the rigors of the dusty trail at one of the area’s many day spas

9. San Diego, California 

You might not pan for gold, but you’ll enjoy plenty of bright yellow sun overhead as you end your tour across the U.S. at this final road trip destination. San Diego boasts so many attractions that you could spend years there without seeing all the city has to offer. 

Spend the day exploring the famous zoo, where you can see over 650 species of animals live and up close. Book a twilight excursion on the haunted Queen Mary ship. Kick back after your long journey at Mission Beach and watch the ocean waves. 

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