Preparing Your Home For Hosting – 7 Points To Remember



Extroverts of the world rejoice. The widespread dissemination of the vaccine means that many places have eased quarantine restrictions, at least on private gatherings. You’re now well within your rights to throw a party of any size at your home. 

However, if you spent much of the past year living in shutdown bliss, you need to get your place ready for guests. Here are seven points to remember when preparing your home for hosting. 

1. Touch Up Any Rough Patches

Maybe you didn’t see any reason to keep your 3-year-old from drawing an abstract mural on your living room wall when it seemed like you’d never see your outside friends and relatives again. Now that you can, it’s time to get out the baking soda to erase those crayon lines. 

What if your little one took their artistic leanings beyond wall graffiti and decorated your furnishings? Do you have to invest in a new couch or pray no one moves your strategically placed throw? If you have leather furniture, you can touch it up to look good as new for a fraction of the replacement price. 

You might even want to give your exterior a once-over. You don’t have to paint your entire home. However, adding some fresh color to your front door and trim creates a welcoming first impression. 

2. Stow Away Private Items 

If you don’t want your nosey aunt seeing your collection of Spongebob underwear, it’s time to clear the laundry off your bedroom chair and neatly stow it in a drawer. Why not construct a quick DIY organizing system to keep each pair of panties and socks in their place? 

On a more serious note, please secure a locking safe if you keep firearms in your home and plan on inviting guests with small children. Little hands have ways of getting into the most unexpected places, and you don’t want to be responsible for a tragedy. 

3. Prep Your Food First

If you love cooking for a crowd, you are in your element now that you can entertain again. However, you no doubt recognize what a mess food preparation can make of your kitchen. 

Therefore, get everything ready ahead of time. Even if you plan on a sit-down formal dinner party, you can assemble everything ahead of time and have it ready to go after guests arrive. You’ll save time not having to clean up a second time. 

4. Then Clean The Kitchen And Bathroom 

After you tackle the messiest of your food prep duties, it’s time to scrub your kitchen. While you do so, plan your beverage strategy. Do you want guests going in and out of the fridge to grab fresh beverages, or will you have a punch bowl or coolers lined with their favorite brewskies? 

Pay particular attention to your bathroom. The rest of your house will get messy during the party, so a simple once-over beforehand with the duster and vacuum is sufficient. Even if you are fully vaccinated, you still want to protect your guest’s immune health, so take care to disinfect your faucets and soap dispenser to keep everyone’s hands clean. 

5. Freshen the Air 

While you perform your cleanup duties, throw open your windows, turn on your ceiling fan and run your attic fan to improve circulation and get some fresh air. Doing so before and after your event will help any lingering germs dissipate and leave your home smelling fresher. 

If you have pets or smokers, choose your cover-up fragrance method carefully. Scented paraffin wax candles can release toxins like toluene into your indoor air. Aromatherapy misting devices and incense are healthier bets. You can also mix some essential oils with baking soda to freshen your carpets. 

6. Set Out Your Spread 

Professional chefs know that presentation matters. You want to set out an equally impressive spread for your food and beverages. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on decor. If you’re hosting a formal dinner party, scour thrift shops for vintage candle holders and even full dining sets from estate sales. Are you going the backyard barbecue route? You can make an easy and elegant picnic table centerpiece using items from nature. 

7. Prepare for Easy Clean Up 

The least favorite part of hosting is the cleanup. Make it easier on yourself with these tips: 

  • Rubbish and recycling bins: Have containers ready inside and out so that guests don’t have to track mud on your clean carpet to dispose of a beer can. 
  • Soaking station: Fill a tub with soapy water where guests can soak their dirty dishes. 
  • Green disposables: Instead of plastic, opt for eco-friendly bamboo. 

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Oscar Collins is the managing editor at Modded, where he writes about cars, fitness, the outdoors and more. Check out @TModded for regular updates! 

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