Christee Palace Talks Latest Single “#1 Girl”

Kat Harlton

Toronto-based pop artist Christee Palace recently released the music video for her single #1 Girl, an infectious pop track about being in a relationship with a guy who says that you’re his number one but continues to treat you like you are second best.

Directed by Jaden D and Christee Palace, the music video was filmed in Christee’s hometown in Windsor, ON. by Milestone Studios, and involves Christee’s old high school dance team, who choreographed the entire song. The dancers are seen throughout the video promoting a very important message— a reminder to all young girls and females everywhere the importance of self-love and building confidence. 

We had the opportunity to chat with Christee about the inspiration behind her latest track, self love, and what’s next.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your latest single “#1 Girl”? 

Christee: My latest single is a sassy one! This song was originally written and inspired by a guy I was seeing at the time. I remember thinking his behaviour was equivalent to high school immaturity level. He would say things to try and keep me around, and make me feel special, when in reality he was just a player.. but I never once put up with it. When I finally realized what type of person he was, I was gone. I know what I  deserve, and won’t settle. He figured that out quick. :)  

Kat: What do you hope fans take from the track? 

Christee: I want young girls, ESPECIALLY in high school to gain confidence and know their  worth. The entire campaign around this single is just that — putting yourself first,  loving yourself first, and being strong enough to walk away from someone who does not value you. I wanted this song to be an anthem for young girls who may need the strength to walk away from someone who does not treat them the way they deserve.

Kat: The last time we spoke, you had just released “What Have You Done To Me?”. How has your music and songwriting progressed since then? 

Christee: That seems like so long ago now! I think the biggest change most listeners will hear is  the contrast in mood between then and now. My previous single was dark with a sense of  helplessness, where as this song is about taking control with a new found strength.. and  a little sass. :) I wanted this song to be inspirational to those who may be in the type of situation I was in around the type I wrote “What Have You Done to Me”. This song is about highlighting strong women, and promoting a self love that will not allow anyone to make you feel unworthy. 

Kat: Have you found it harder to create during the pandemic, or has it given you the time to  further explore and find inspiration? 

Christee: It’s funny, cause I feel like it’s a little bit of both. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of  emotions over the last year and a half. Some days I feel the most connected to myself as  I have ever been, writing constantly and feeling so good about my artistry. In other ways I  definitely struggle, and feel sort of numb to the world. I think both are super normal and  either way, I always come back to being inspired and writing. I am so grateful for that!

Kat: What’s next? 

Christee: More new music to come and HOPEFULLY live shows soon. Crossing all of my limbs  that this blows over soon. As soon as I’m able to play my new songs live…. watch  out!! :)  

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