9 Essentials For Your Spring Wardrobe


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Spring has sprung, and it’s time to shed those winter layers and don some great warm-weather fashion. This season is ideal for self-expression and for people looking to highlight their best features. 

Everyone is different, and each person has their own unique style, but there are a few essentials that can truly revolutionize your wardrobe. They’re versatile, timeless and — unlike many other basics — they’re unique and customizable to personal taste. 

Here are nine must-haves for this Spring.

A Little Patterned Dress

Everyone and their mother has heard of the little black dress, and while it might be essential in plenty of closets, a patterned frock is a springtime essential. It can be worn in summer, fall and can even be made to work in the winter

Whether it’s floral, gingham, polka-dotted or striped, a lively pattern on a little dress says spring like nothing else. 

A Casual Scrunchie

Girls out there with locks of flowing hair always appreciate scrunchies. They’re cheap, easy and can be kept on your wrists. Scrunchies are all the rage right now, and they’re great for keeping hair out of your face on those warm days. 

Plus, you can even find a few to match with any outfit.

Ballet Flats

Some people are ready to jump right into sandals and never look back, but if you want something a bit less casual, ballet flats are the perfect solution. They are easy to slide on and off, and they’re also comfortable and minimal, which is ideal for spring. 

Plus, the more you wear them, the more you’ll realize they can go with just about anything. You can use them to bring some femininity to an otherwise tomboyish outfit, or you can use them to complete an already feminine and dressy silhouette. It’s all about using them to complement your style. 

A Maxi Skirt

You might be asking yourself, “isn’t spring the time for miniskirts?” That may be the case, but long, swaying skirts are super breathable, comfortable and perfect for the transition into warmer weather. 

You can dress them up or down, and if you get one in a basic colour, you can wear it with anything. From crop tops and t-shirts to blouses and tanks, maxi skirts are much more versatile than you might think.

A Sun Protective Hat

You need something to keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes and prevent sunburned cheeks — all while being stylish. From floppy brim hats to preppier golf caps, there’s something for everyone’s style.

A Colorful Bandeau

Not everybody feels comfortable wearing a bandeau as a shirt, but it has several uses. Bandeaus can be worn under dresses, tank tops or even sheer shirts for a little pop of colour, and you can truly have fun with them. Find one in a bright shade to boost an otherwise neutral outfit. You can even make your own out of fabric scraps or an old T-shirt.

Mom Jeans 

You may have heard that skinny jeans are a relic of the past, and while you don’t need to toss them out completely, why not try something new? Mom jeans are loose and comfortable but still offer a bit of shape. Dress them up with a cute tank and heels or go casual in a T-shirt and sneakers. You basically can’t go wrong with classic denim.

A Boyfriend Tee

We all know the boyfriend jean quite well by now, but what about bringing some casual flair to the top half of an outfit? Whether you find a plain white tee in your boyfriend’s closet or you swipe something from a pal — or even check out the men’s section in the thrift store — an oversized, slightly boxy shirt is perfect for warm weather days, especially paired with denim shorts or leggings.

Layered Necklaces

Let’s talk accessories — necklaces are a great way to add some flair to any outfit, even a casual one. Layered necklaces, in particular, are stylish and sophisticated, while still maintaining a sense of personality and whimsy. 

You can pick out any stack of necklaces you want, from the heavy and chunky to the subtle and light — and you can wear them with pretty much anything. Use them to dress up a casual outfit or add something special to an already upscale look.

Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Dressing for any season is all about finding comfort, style and self-expression in every piece of clothing. These basic items are also jumping-off points you can use to find your own look and wear it with confidence.

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