8 Prince William & Kate Middleton Documentaries You Can Watch For Free On Tubi


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This list includes 9 documentaries about the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, that you can watch for free on Tubi TV. Please note that most, if not all are considered ‘unauthorized’.

William & Kate: The Journey, Part 1

Watch William & Kate: The Journey, Part 1 (2016) - Free Movies | Tubi

Prince William and Kate capture hearts everywhere with a romance that begins as a rollercoaster ride and blooms into their fairy tale engagement.

William & Kate: The Journey, Part 2

Watch William & Kate: The Journey, Part 2 (2016) - Free Movies | Tubi

Billions of well-wishers around the world witness the resplendent royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London’s Westminster Abbey.

William & Kate: The Journey, Part 3

Watch William & Kate: The Journey, Part 3 (2016) - Free Movies | Tubi

A new chapter begins for the beloved royal couple, as they welcome their first-born child and the world embraces the new Prince George.

William & Kate: The Journey, Part 4

Watch William & Kate: The Journey, Part 4 (2016) - Free Movies | Tubi

The royal romance thrives, as Will and Kate present little Prince George to the adoring public and celebrate the arrival of his baby sister Charlotte.

William and Kate: A Royal Love Story

Watch William and Kate: A Royal Love Story (2011) - Free Movies | Tubi

Awaiting the lavish royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, this documentary focuses on their love story and the royal romance that is yet to come.

William & Kate: Wedding Of The Century

Watch William & Kate: Wedding of the Century (2011) - Free Movies | Tubi

A chronicle of the Royal wedding of Princess Diana’s firstborn son William to Kate Middleton, from bridesmaids to menu choices and dress designs.

Kate Middleton: Working Class To Windsor

Watch Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor (2017) - Free Movies | Tubi

Wife, mother, duchess; a journey from working class to Windsor. Kate Middleton’s rise to royalty and influences of international intrigue and admired the world over. Taking her place on a global stage over night and tying the knot with the Duke of Cambridge and swiftly making monarchy history in the form of their first born and third in line to the throne Prince George. We document her incredible journey and delve into the often undisclosed but sort after history of someone who is now known world wide as The Duchess.

Prince William: A Royal Life

Watch Prince William: A Royal Life (2017) - Free Movies | Tubi

As the first born son of the universally beloved Princess Diana, the royal has been under intense pressure and scrutiny since his early days.

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