13 Hallmark Channel Movie Bundles You Can Get On Amazon


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If you just can’t get enough of those romantic Hallmark movies, then this list is for you! We’ve rounded up all the Hallmark Channel DVD movie bundles you can get on Amazon.

Paris, Wine And Romance / Rome In Love

Paris, Wine And Romance: Needing to win some accolades for her masterfully made pinots, Isabella, a winemaker from Oregon, travels to Paris to compete in a major wine competition. While there, sparks fly between her and her rival, Jacques.

Rome In Love: Amelia lands a big movie role with Jonathan but is asked to keep it secret till a press conference. However, Philip, a journalist, is asked to find out about the people hired for the film.

Love On Harbor Island / Love Under The Olive Tree

Love On Harbor Island: Interior designer Lily returns home to help her Aunt Maggie run her marina-side bed and breakfast when she meets Marcus, a handsome seaplane pilot whose work delivering rescue dogs helps Lily discover that home really is where the heart is.

Love Under The Olive Tree: The prize of Sunset Valley’s annual olive oil contest is a land parcel with disputed ownership. When a feisty woman and a competitive man face off, they never expect sparks to fly.

Love In The Forecast / Romance In The Air 

Love In The Forecast: Leah, an aspiring meteorologist, becomes friends with her neighbour, Mark, who teaches her the importance of trusting nature.

Romance In The Air: Eden bumps into her childhood friend, Riley, at Lake Tahoe. Although she helps him with his tour company, she can’t see a future for the two of them.

Nature Of Love / Pearl In Paradise

Nature Of Love: City girl Katie, who is supposed to write a magazine feature on a glamping resort, faces her fears by trying the camp’s activities with a rugged outdoorsman and nature guide.

Pearl In Paradise: Alex, a magazine photographer, and author Colin Page head to Fiji in search of the mysterious blue pearl that Colin had written about in his book and end up finding more than that.

You’re Bacon Me Crazy / The Secret Ingredient

You’re Bacon Me Crazy: Cleo Morelli, an aspiring Portland chef, tries to win a food truck competition. When a handsome chef from a rival food truck parks across the street from her, Cleo’s goal to win takes a spicy turn.

The Secret Ingredient: Kelly hasn’t thought about love since Andrew ended their engagement. Now he’s back, and so is their chemistry as she sets out to compete on a Valentine’s Day cooking show.

Just Add Romance / Love On The Menu

Just Add Romance: Two talented chefs, exact opposites in culinary style and personality, find themselves competing on a cable cooking show.

Love On The Menu: A popular chef rejects the idea of creating a gourmet frozen food line when the idea is presented by a food executive. But when the restaurant he runs with his wife faces financial problems, he reluctantly makes a deal.

Valentine In The Vineyard / The Story Of Us

Valentine In The Vineyard: Winemakers plan a wedding while also executing a high-stakes business expansion.

The Story Of Us: Jamie learns that her first love Sawyer is the architect of a development that wants to change her beloved neighborhood and threatens her bookstore. Can old valentines help them see eye-to-eye?

One Winter Weekend / One Winter Proposal

One Winter Weekend: Burned out from dating, Cara, a magazine writer, decides to go on a dating detox. She plans a ski getaway with her best friend, but the resort mistakenly double-books them with two eligible men, including Ben, an entrepreneur.

One Winter Proposal: Old flames reignite and current flames burn brighter when a foursome returns to the ski lodge where they first found romance.

Frozen In Love / Winter Castle / Amazing Winter Romance

Frozen In Love: When struggling bookstore owner Mary and Adam, a bad boy of professional hockey, are teamed together to help facilitate an image makeover for the other, they soon realize that opposites attract, and they find themselves unexpectedly frozen in love.

Winter Castle: Jenny feels an instant attraction to the handsome best man, Craig, at her sister’s wedding. But her hopes of romance are quickly dashed when she is introduced to Craig’s plus one, Lana.

Amazing Winter Romance: Journalist Julia goes back home to find inspiration and discovers her childhood friend has built a giant snow maze, prompting her to find her way to true love.

Flip That Romance / The Art of Us / Tulips In Spring

Flip That Romance: As spring blooms, rival house flippers find themselves renovating dual sides of a duplex. As they attempt to out-do each other every step of the way, the stakes of the renovation escalate and an old romance is rekindled.

The Art Of Us: Dr. Higgins is determined to secure a tenured position at Boston College, and she is counting on curating a big art gallery to do so. But when she loses her showcase artist, she decides to transform her dog walker into the credible artist she needs.

Tulips In Spring: When a young interior designer learns her father has broken his leg, she rushes home to rural Washington because her help is desperately needed at the family tulip farm.

Just Add Romance / The Sweetest Heart / Easter Under Wraps

Just Add Romance: Two talented chefs, exact opposites in culinary style and personality, find themselves competing on a cable cooking show.

The Sweetest Heart: Maddie opens a cupcake business with the help of an investment banker she later develops a romance with. However, things get complicated when Nate, a former lover, re-enters her life.

Easter Under Wraps: A woman goes undercover at her family’s chocolate factory to find out why sales are down. She meets the head chocolatier, who has new ideas for Easter products.

Falling For Vermont / The Last Bridesmaid / Love At First Dance

Falling For Vermont: A best-selling author who got amnesia as the result of a car accident finds refuge with the local doctor of a small idyllic town in Vermont.

The Last Bridesmaid: Single Becca has been a bridesmaid too many times, but then she meets a handsome videographer at her cousin’s wedding.

Love At First Dance: Hope is tasked with teaching Manhattan’s former most eligible bachelor how to dance for his extravagant wedding. As the dance lessons progress, complications ensue when feelings begin to develop between the student and the instructor.

Bottled With Love / Follow Me To Daisy Hills / Falling For Look Lodge

Bottled With Love: After being stood up on a date, a woman writes down her feelings, places the letter in a bottle, and throws it into the ocean. Months later, a fisherman discovers the message and decides to reach out.

Follow Me To Daisy Hills: When Jo realizes that her family’s general store in Daisy Hills is losing money, her father hires her ex-boyfriend, of all people, to help out.

Falling For Look Lodge: Lily wants to be an activities director at this Lodge she works at and she is thrilled when she’s given the chance to do so by helping Noah and his family, who are there for his sister’s wedding.

All of these movies are available to purchase on Amazon.

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