How To Host The Perfect Picnic – 4 Things To Consider


Kat Harlton


Warm weather is finally here and we’re daydreaming of endless sunny afternoons perfect for picnics. If you’re thinking of hosting a picnic, whether in your backyard or at a favorite local park, below are some ideas and inspiration to help get you started.

1. Food

Obviously anything fresh that’s in season, the fresher the better! Think berries, grapes, apple or peach slices – anything that’s easy to pack and doesn’t require a lot of work to eat. In general make and prepare as much of your food as you can in advance, and choose food that can fit in containers (with lids to keep bugs away) like guacamole (with pita chips!) finger sandwiches, cut-up veggies/charcuterie, bread sticks, pretzels, nuts, olives, and crackers. Many places also sell pre-packaged mini containers of items like hummus, perfect for when space is limited in the basket. Many restaurants also offer “picnic to go” boxes or baskets already made and perfect for sharing! For dessert, chocolate covered strawberries anyone?

2. Drinks

Anything refreshing! Think sparkling water, lemonade, iced coffee or lattes, or pre-made smoothies. If you’re looking for something more ‘adult’ there are plenty of fruity and refreshing spritzers, vodka or gin sodas and other mixed drinks that come in recyclable cans. Of course a bottle of champagne or white wine is a luxury picnic staple. Don’t forget stainless steel straws and something to cover your drink with, once open.

3. Decor

It should be pretty easy to find inspiration with a quick scroll through Pinterest or Instagram, but first essential item is obviously a picnic blanket (and pillows if you have room) You’ll also need a basket, and while pretty much anything will do, if you get a wicker one or something more substantial, you can use it as a makeshift table. There are also plenty of different styles of “popup” picnic trays, many have slots to hold wine glasses or drinks. If you plan on taking food out of containers, then you’ll probably want either plates or a charcuterie style board to place food on. Don’t forget utensils, bottle openers, stainless steel straws, napkins, sanitizer wipes etc.

4. Entertainment

You’re outside, so you can pretty much play anything you want! Classic ideas include things like flying a kite, throwing a Frisbee, blowing bubbles or playing croquet. You could bring a favorite board game like checkers, Jenga or deck of cards, and if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, then reading a book, taking photos, or writing are all perfect ways to while away the afternoon.

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