7 Interesting Cocktails You Likely Haven’t Tried


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Most mixologists rely on tried-and-true combinations to create new drinks. At the core of every new cocktail is a solid knowledge of complementary flavors. However, there’s also a fair amount of freedom when making a drink your own. 

Each person’s palate is different and what tantalizes your taste buds may confuse others’. Every once and a while, it’s good to get a little experimental and think outside the box. Which combinations haven’t you tried yet?

We’re willing to bet that you haven’t tasted these. Luckily, they’re simple enough to make on your own so you can choose which wacky cocktails are worth your time — and your tastebuds. 

1. Bacon Me Angry 

This cocktail combines iconic fall flavors like cider, bacon and maple syrup for a deliciously crisp drink you can sip all day long. While you can garnish it with a slice of bacon, the entire combination might even leave you thirsting for a full home-cooked breakfast. Luckily, the ingredients are easy to come by so you can whip up both without breaking a sweat. 

Naturally, the bacon-infused vodka is the shining star of this little number. Make your own by combining bacon fat and vodka and allow the mixture to rest for four to six hours. Then, filter out the fat until your vodka is once again clear and use it in this delicious recipe. 

2. Avocado Gimlet

Unconventional cocktails call for hipster ingredients like the avocado. This bright green fruit makes this drink extra creamy and smooth, while the lime adds a refreshing twist. Simple syrup and ApfelKorn schnapps sweeten each sip for an easy, refreshing drink that’s perfect any time of year. 

Garnish with a lime or a sprig of rosemary and enjoy! Serve alongside a light breakfast or brunch to impress your friends or simply treat yourself to something other than coffee and avocado toast. 

3. Lobster Bloody Mary 

If you’re planning a big lobster dinner, you’ll likely find a bit of juice at the bottom of your deli bag. Instead of pouring it down the drain, put it to good use in this tasty twist on the classic bloody Mary. This secret ingredient adds a dash of fresh summer flavor that’s reminiscent of sunny East coast lobster bakes.

Of course, you’ll also need vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco and a few other traditional ingredients. Plus, you must gather your garnishes,  which could include everything from olives to pickles to cucumbers. Just don’t forget to stir in the fresh lobster claw before serving!

4. Bold Bruschetta

Bloody Mary fans might also enjoy this bold bruschetta martini. The recipe calls for many of the same ingredients. However, it also requires fresh cherry tomatoes and basil, two of the most important elements of good bruschetta. 

Muddle the cherry tomatoes and add the remaining ingredients. Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a fresh basil leaf for added flair and a deliciously herbal tasting note. 

5. Ramos Gin Fizz

To New Orleans residents, the Ramos gin fizz is not all that interesting. After being around for nearly 150 years, the cocktail has become one of the city’s most identifiable cocktails. However, most outsiders are still unfamiliar with this foamy white concoction. 

Gin, club soda, egg whites and heavy cream give the Ramos gin fizz its name. Hints of citrus break through the creamy, dreamy bubbles to create a beautiful symphony of flavors and textures. 

6. Dark Moon

Rum and coke have always made for a tasty combination, but have you ever tried adding coffee? Skip the latte and kick back with this work from home specialty cocktail. It’s sure to get you through that midday slump and seamlessly transition into a relaxing evening. 

Add some depth with spiced rum and flavored cold-brew coffee. You might also choose Mexican Coca-Cola to mix things up even more. Don’t be afraid to make a whole pitcher. This recipe serves four people — or one very thirsty homebody. 

7. Coconut Key Lime Pie Martini

Are you in the mood for something sweet and tangy? Whip up some coconut key lime pie martinis and drink your dessert. You can even enjoy the buttery flavors of graham cracker crust by rimming your glass with a mixture of crushed grahams toasted coconut shavings. 

Add the coconut rum, vanilla vodka and other ingredients in a shaker and mix well. Pour into a martini glass, garnish with lime and serve! Then, watch all your friends’ faces light up with each sip. 

Get Experimental

Whether you’ve been imbibing for years or just reached the legal drinking age, there’s a cocktail out there for you. You might just have to get a little experimental before you find one you enjoy. If you’re the adventurous type, try one of the drinks above. Otherwise, feel free to add, substitute or ignore a few ingredients. Who’s to say you won’t create the world’s next best cocktail while you’re at it?

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