Everything You Need To Know About Ice Skating In Toronto This Winter

Kat Harlton
Photos: Tiffany Shum
*Photos are from 2019

Under current provincial lockdown measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, indoor skating arenas in Toronto are closed, however many outdoor skating rinks remain open.

Things to note: Change rooms and lockers are unavailable. There is a 25-person limit for outdoor ice rinks.

Reservations are encouraged. A small number of spots will be available for participants who are not able to make a reservation online. You can make reservations HERE

Wearing a mask/face covering is required while waiting in a line and in indoor public spaces, including the washrooms that are open in winter.

Read more about Face and Mask Coverings and find out more about using City skating facilities during COVID-19.

Information about strollers on the ice, sledges, accessibility, natural ice rinks, safety, Grenadier Pond at High Park and skating on other open bodies of water is available HERE.

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