5 Creative Holiday Activities You Likely Haven’t Considered


Are you looking for new and creative ways to celebrate the holiday season? It’s certainly the
right time for it, and fortunately enough, you have no shortage of options when it comes to fun (and safe!) activities.

Here are five ideas to consider as we close out the year.

Host a Cookie Swap

Do you like baking? If so, you already know that the holiday season is a terrific time for making various treats. A cookie swap with friends, neighbors or family can allow everyone to celebrate together even amid social distancing measures.

Get a group to participate so that everyone has a recipient. Be sure to set a date that works for each person. It’s worthwhile to explore new cookie recipes to try something different than your usual choices. Then, you can package and deliver them.

Try Cold-Weather Kayaking

Those who love spending time outside should try cold-weather kayaking. This creative activity is a must for adventurers who don’t want to let the chilly weather stop them from exploring. In a nutshell, it’s kayaking in the winter to see the different seasonal sights.

The best part of cold-weather kayaking is that it’s possible to invite friends and family to join
even when you have to practice social distancing. Keep in mind that packing proper clothing
and gear
is necessary. Choosing a day with mild weather will ensure everyone is comfortable.

Look for unique spots in the nearby area to explore. The winter season can be beautiful in its
own way. With that in mind, you should take advantage of the next few months and how they’ll look while kayaking.

Enjoy Seasonal Cocktails

A seasonal cocktail is a wonderful way to commemorate the season. There are endless options for alcoholic beverages that include everything from bourbon to champagne. This year’s holiday presents an opportunity to put your bar cart to the test.

It can be fun to experiment with unique drinks you might not have otherwise tried. You can also choose to upgrade old favorites using different ingredients. Remember to save a few recipes for New Year’s Eve to make ringing in the new year more enjoyable.

Consider hosting a virtual cocktail party with friends and family. Everyone can make a seasonal drink they haven’t tried. If you’re unable to assemble as usual for the holidays, it’s beneficial to find fun ways to meet — like trying seasonal cocktails.

Make DIY Greetings Cards

Making DIY greeting cards with loved ones never gets old. This project can be an excellent
method to show off artistic talent. Plus, it’s a perfect activity for children. Getting everyone
together for an afternoon of hands-on crafts will help you create terrific memories.

Feel free to make these cards as unique as you like. It’s all up to the group’s tastes. Another
good idea is to set aside some of your project for charity. Sending heartfelt cards to people in
need helps promote the giving aspect of the holiday season.

Do a Neighborhood Lights Tour

What rings in seasonal cheer better than seeing decorations? Taking a tour of your city’s most
vibrant displays can put you in the mood for the holidays. Wait until nighttime to get in the car and drive around the neighborhood to see what everyone has created. It’s also enjoyable to walk by storefronts and other public areas.

Decorating in exciting ways at home can be another idea to help you get in the holiday spirit.
Look for both chic and unconventional design tricks to use indoors and outdoors. By decking the halls, you can bond with family and neighbors, too. Holiday decor brings everyone together.

Consider These Memorable Holiday Activities

The holiday season is a wonderful time to try new activities. Whether you’re with family or by
yourself, it’s fun to explore different ways to ring in the holiday spirit. Use these ideas to makeyour December and January as memorable as possible.

Please check and adhere to all Covid-19 rules and precautions for your community.

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