Mike Robins Talks New Single “Lightning Don’t Strike Twice”

Kat Harlton

CCMA & JUNO Award nominated artist Mike Robins, has released his new single “Lightning Don’t Strike Twice”. The single is a perfect wedding song, a love song about feeling that once in a lifetime kind of love unlike anything else.

Mike exploded on the country music scene in 2013 with his group Autumn Hill, achieving radio success with multiple top 10 and 20 singles including “Anything At All,” “Mixtape,” and “Can’t Keep Waiting.” The music video for the groups hit single “Blame” also topped the CMT charts reaching #1. Following the success of Autumn Hill, Mike continued to grow working on a side project, East Adelaide. As part of Autumn Hill, Mike has been nominated for 4 Canadian Country Music Awards, 2 JUNO Awards, and 5 Country Music Association of Ontario Awards, and won awards for the CMAO’s Rising Star and Best Group/Duo.

Mike has shared the stage with incredible artists including Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line, Dean Brody, Dallas Smith, and Tim McGraw and has performed at major venues such as Boots and Hearts, Havelock Jamboree, Country Thunder, Cavendish Beach Fest, The Calgary Stampede, and Big Valley Jamboree.

We had the opportunity to chat with Mike about his new single, finding inspiration in a chaotic world, and what’s next.

Kat: How would you describe your sound? And for those just being introduced to your sound, is there anything you think they should know about your music before getting into it? 

Mike: I guess I would describe my sound as modern country. I really believe that a great story is what makes an incredible country song. I always focus on making sure the lyrics really create a complete picture for the listener. If you are just getting introduced to my music, I would say it’s a combination of a good story and music that translates well to a live performance. I absolutely love getting on stage and rocking out with the audience.

Kat: You’re about to release your new single “Lightning Don’t Strike Twice”. Can you share with us your thought process and inspiration behind the track and why you felt it was the single you wanted to release? 

Mike: I’d actually been writing a ton and had the whole EP done but when I was sent this song, I just thought it was perfect. The song is written by some amazing writers and great friends of mine, David Thomson, Phil Barton, and Kyle Clark. My thought process for recording this song was simply, it said everything I wanted to say to my fiancée. With the Coronavirus this year we had to postpone our wedding, and even though it was for safety reasons we still felt a little disappointed. I wanted to let her know she is my “once in a lifetime” and this song really said everything I wanted to. A lot of people I knew were also going through similar situations, and if you look on social media it seems like it was happening everywhere. I just thought with all the negativity out there in the world, releasing a positive love song was something everyone could relate to. Maybe it would speak to them as well and be something to lift their spirits.

Kat: You exploded onto the country music scene in 2013 with your group Autumn Hill, achieving radio success, and continued to grow working on a side project, East Adelaide. What has been a career highlight for you so far? What have you learned along the way?

Mike: Great question, it’s hard to narrow it down, but having the opportunity to perform your own music on the CCMA awards is pretty incredible. I got to perform two of our singles “Anything At All” and “Blame” and those moments will stay with me forever. Another highlight was performing with Canadian Icon Jann Arden for our duet “Karolina”. That was extremely surreal, she is just amazing and it was a huge honour. Sharing the stage with some of my favourites like Keith Urban, Dierks, and Tim McGraw, that’s always wild. My favourite thing to do is get up on stage and perform for an amazing audience. There was one show in London in a theatre I was playing “August In The Rain” and the crowd was singing every word. I stretched that song out, it was a crazy experience we were just all singing and being present in that moment, it was really special. 

Kat: Do you have any advice for emerging artists, or have you been given any advice that really made an impact?

Mike: One of my favourite pieces of advice is “if there is no plan B, plan A has to work”. I just love the idea of putting your heart into your music and really following that dream. If it’s your passion, if it’s what you are here to do then you should never give up. Also remember how fortunate you are to be in a position to have people supporting your music. Always remember it takes a village, what you give is what you get. Lead with love and always appreciate everyone who has helped lift you up.

Kat: How have you been staying connected during COVID-19 and what’s next for you?

Mike: I think the same way most people have been, I Zoom often with family and friends it’s a great way to stay connected. I also think social media is an incredible tool. I’ve really have been able to stay connected with everyone using all the platforms. Instagram is a huge one, and I’ve been able to really engage with everyone and see what’s going on in their lives as well through it. What’s next is a whole lot of music. I have been working on this solo project and writing for a while now, and I can’t wait to finally share all this new music with everyone. I feel like it’s been coming for a while and I just am so happy it’s here now.

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