Shane Told From Silverstein Shares Thoughts On Canada’s Largest Drive-In Concert Experience In Ancaster, Ontario

Kat Harlton

Soundbox Productions and Skware Eyes Collaborative are excited to launch a new drive in series – Live At The Drive-In in Ancaster, ON., the biggest of its kind in Canada. The Ancaster Fairgrounds and the Live At The Drive In concert series will play host to a number of events throughout the fall of 2020, including the recently announced concert with Southern Ontario hard rock band and JUNO Award nominated, Silverstein on Friday, September 25 and JUNO Award nominated, chart toppers The Trews on Saturday, October 3.

For the past two decades, Silverstein, an Ontario-based five-piece became one of the most influential bands in their scene, playing two thousand-plus shows all over the globe, and selling over a million records. Now Silverstein are celebrating their 20th anniversary with the release of their 9th, and perhaps strongest album to date: A Beautiful Place To Drown.

We had the opportunity to chat with Shane Told about “Live At The Drive-In”, what fans can expect, and what’s next.

Kat: Silverstein is kicking off Canada’s Largest Drive-In Concert Experience ‘Live At The Drive-In’ on September 25 at the Ancaster Fairgrounds. How did you become involved in the project?

Shane: We were working with Soundbox and the promoter on some other potential livestream stuff when they were like “oh yeah – you guys wanna play a drive-in?”.  Obviously we said “hell yes” immediately! The only concern we had was the safety and health of the event.  But right away they had thought that through and we could focus on making this thing massive with incredible sound and lights and some additional stuff that doesn’t happen at regular shows like 40 foot screens and FM radio transmissions. 
Kat: Since this is probably your first live concert in months, what can fans expect see?

Shane: I think it’s going to be very hard to hide the excitement and smiles on our faces.  If you know anything about our band we literally have not stopped touring for 17 years except to write and record albums so this unexpected 6 month break has really kicked our ass.  So we’re pulling out all the stops, playing the hits, using all the production we can get our hands on because who knows when we’ll get a chance to rock out again.
Kat: As an artist, how do you think this experience will be different? Have you done anything like this before? And what do you think might be the most challenging aspects?
Shane: Oh it’s going to be completely different and nothing at all like anything we’ve done before. Playing for a sea of people outside on a big stage we’ve done hundreds of time but a sea of cars? It’s going to be funny to look out and see that, but I’ll be imagining people moshing inside their vehicles, and I assume we’ll have people honking their horns maybe flashing their brights…. maybe a circle pit smash up derby? Haha maybe not that last one.

Kat: What’s next? More drive-in style shows? More live streams? How can fans stay connected?

Shane: Yes! I think the one thing that this pandemic and the last 6 months has taught us is that you need to be creative and think outside the box.  So whether it was our “Quaranstein” piece or the “Next Level Live Stream” or this Drive-in show we are constantly brainstorming cool ways to continue to bring our music to the fans without being able to do traditional concerts.  If bands want to see what’s up with us, follow us on social media and if they want to support us – check our our merch store! Thanks so much for the past 20 years of love, especially right now when we need it most.

Additional line up announcements to come in the coming days at Tickets for Silverstein are on sale here. Tickets for additional shows are on sale here.

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