10 Black Lives Solidarity Films You Can Watch On Tubi For Free

We’ve highlighted 10 movies and documentaries that spotlight social injustice that you can watch for free on Tubi. Tubi has added a #Solidarity header so that you can easily find them. 

A Century Of Black Cinema

African Americans have made huge leaps in the film industry, both in front of the camera and behind it, and are finally being recognized for their work. This film explores the journey African Americans had to take within cinema to get to where they are now. This film touches upon topics of racially insensitive films that perpetuated racial myths, unjust representation on screen, African American films vanishing into obscurity despite their merit, and more.


A young black man searches for his identity in the aftermath of a fatal shooting in South Side, Chicago. Inspired by a true story, this timely and important film tackles the issue of racial injustice and what it takes to overcome grief under difficult circumstances. Anchored by powerful performances from an amazing cast, led by up and comer Jerod Haynes, this raw and powerful portrait of life within the black community is both moving and eye opening in its reflection of humanity.

Night Catches Us

A man reappears in a neighborhood he grew up in during the Black Power movement, which raises suspicions and threatens his passion for an old friend.

The Loving Story

This Emmy- and Peabody-award-winning documentary shares the history that inspired the 2016 drama Loving. A racially charged criminal trial and a heartrending love story converge in this documentary about Mildred and Richard Loving, set during the turbulent Civil Rights era.

Harriet Tubman: They Called Her Moses

The life and times of Harriet Tubman, who led the Underground Railroad of American slaves to freedom, are explored by scholars and historians.

Freedom Road

Rare acting role by Muhammad Ali as an ex-slave elected to the Senate who fights resistance to reuniting slaves and sharecroppers with their land.

King: Man Of Peace In A Time Of War

A rare and candid TV interview with Martin Luther King – unseen in 40 years – is the centerpiece of this timely tribute, featuring exclusive interviews with such notables as Jesse Jackson, Laurence Fishbone, Mike Douglas and Colin Powell that provide fresh insight into the life and personality of the late civil rights leader. This documentary explores the life of one of the most important figures of the 20th Century, and the legacy of peace and tolerance that has stayed poignant all these years later.

The House I Live In

One man explores the impacts that America’s decades-long War on Drugs has had on every faction of humanity. What he finds is worse than expected.

For Ahkeem

An intimate look at one black teenager’s life and the struggles she faces while demonstrating the strength and courage it takes to survive.

Dispatches From Cleveland

A look at the city of Cleveland after racial divisions are shaken to their core by the police murder of Tamir Rice, as residents work for true change.

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