Ceesar Talks Debut EP “Hustle & Passion”

Kat Harlton

With the release of his independent debut EP, Hustle & PassionCeesar is on a mission to inspire others to embrace the moment just as he did when he first began writing music just two years ago. The Canadian-based artist’s low-key fusion of R&B, pop and hip hop is just the ticket. Characterized by trance like vocals and a foundation of deep grooves and sparse, atmospheric synths, tracks like lead single, ‘Day 2 Day’ will have listeners feeling looser and more relaxed immediately.

We had the opportunity to chat with Ceesar about his debut EP, musical inspiration and how he’s staying connected.

Kat: For those who haven’t had a chance to get to know you musically yet, how would you describe your sound?

Ceesar: If I had to describe my sound now I would say R&B and Pop vibes. For this EP I have a variety of sounds to be honest… I wanted to incorporate different sounds to see where I feel comfortable and where I fit as a musician since this is my first project. It has been an amazing journey so far and I really look forward to the future.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your debut EP Hustle & Passion?

Ceesar: The inspiration behind the title of this EP Hustle & Passion definitely came from the Hustle and Passion that went into creating this project. Passion comes from creating something that means a lot to me and makes me happy which is music, while the hustle comes from all the hard work I put into this project since day one. The title of the EP sits very well with me and I feel a lot of people can relate to their own hustle and passion in their own lives.

Kat: Can you talk about the songwriting process? Did you go into the EP with a specific vision or sound in mind, or was it more organic?

Ceesar: The way each song came to life started with a vision, I had different ideas and vibes that I had in mind. I am really open to different genres and music in general so with each vision it was brought to life from the beat making to the writing and production. The songwriting was teamwork which I am big on … like they say teamwork makes the dream work. There are people who are amazing at putting feelings on paper that invoke emotion, working with people like that makes music better and makes me a better artist during the process.

Kat: Can you talk a little bit about your musical inspirations and role models?

Ceesar: I wouldn’t necessarily say role models but I admire hard work that artists put into their craft … especially on such a large scale it motivates me to work harder and to learn from them. Musical inspirations come from anything! It can be how I am feeling that inspires me or it could be something as simple as a song played on the radio or the weather even. What inspires me might not inspire you but that’s the beauty of music in the sense that so many things can trigger inspiration and be unique to ourselves but yet others can still share that feeling when they hear the song.

Kat: How are you staying connected to your fans and the industry during Covid-19? What’s next?

Ceesar: Social media! Specifically Instagram that’s where I am the most active. I invite everyone to follow me on Instagram and get to know me. Now a days with social media it’s very easy to connect with anyone and to give insight on your lifestyle which I think is awesome. What’s next is a new project I am working on which I am very excited about. The quality of my music has gone way up! I’ve been working hard to grow as an artist on a weekly basis and people will see that once it’s released.

For more on Ceesar, visit: www.ceesarmusic.com

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