Kevvy From Fake Shark Talks New Single “Superstitious Thing”

Kat Harlton

Electronic indie-pop band Fake Shark from Vancouver, BC recently released super creative music video for their new single “Superstitious Thing”. We had a chance to chat with Kevvy about the inspiration behind the single, the creative process for the music video and how the band has been dealing with Covid-19.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your latest single “Superstitious Thing”?

Kevvy: I came up with the title and opening lyrics and hook first, and our friend who produced it had already written the opening bass line the same day, independently to me, and they just both so happened to be the same tempo and it fit together perfectly like it was meant to be. It’s a song about how if you’re not careful you can find danger or problems anywhere you look, but if you’re too flippant and aloof you could be in trouble the other way.

Kat: Due to Covid-19, you took a unique approach with creating the music video for “Superstitious Thing”. Can you share where the idea came from, and that worked?

Kevvy: The director Johnny Jansen and I had this idea years ago but couldn’t find the right project for it and then we kinda had to work separately from each other on this, so it was kind of serendipitous. I filmed my mouth singing the whole song the whole song from about 6 different angles and sent the videos to Johnny and he did all the work. I love that video.

Kat: How do you feel your songwriting and sound has changed over the past few years?

Kevvy: My priorities for what to me makes a cool song always seem to change. I’m a producer, so I usually come up with a concept for a song I think will be cool, whether it be a title or a genre mash up and I’ll just start making it. I’m very vocal hook oriented. I keep a playlist of all my favourite vocal melodies and I listen to it all the time to try to soak up the brilliance!

Kat: Your Faux Real (2017) hit single ‘Cheap Thrills’ was selected as the theme behind an Apple Watch commercial and featured in many TV series such as the Showtime original series Dice, and Freeform’s Famous in Love. What did that type of placement mean for the band, and did you learn anything along the way?

Kevvy: I love to make music that is cinematic. It’s why I do music for films, too. I hear in terms of picture in some regards. Those placements inspired me to go further down the rabbit hole of that kind of approach and now I love bands like the Heavy who kill it in that field.

Kat: Obviously things have changed due to COVID-19. In the interim how are you connecting with your fans? What’s next?

Kevvy: It’s actually been great for us, besides the cancellations we’ve experienced. We’re pretty good off the cuff, so a lot of livestreams and hey, this just gives us more time to make great songs for you lovely people.

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